Impaired Driving Prevention Month a reminder that substance use treatment services are available at the holidays

While holiday festivities make December merry, they also can be a time of grief because of the impact of drug or alcohol-related deaths on America’s roads. National Impaired Driving Prevention Month calls attention to the increase in driving deaths from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports … Continued

Online harassment linked to increased youth suicides

As youth find their way in a digital age, the threat of online harassment continues to grow. A study earlier this year raises concerns that cyberbullying may be significantly more likely to influence suicidality. Noting that suicide is the second-leading cause of adolescent deaths, the National Institutes of Health found that individuals targeted by bullies … Continued

Rosecrance expert encourages continued conversations on mental illness to reduce stigma

With reports of poor mental health on the rise, public influencers are talking more openly about their journeys with mental illness, and advertising campaigns bring conversations to the forefront. Still, stigma prevents many who need help from talking about their illness or seeking treatment. Rosecrance Chief of Clinical Excellence Tom Wright, M.D. points to several … Continued