Find new reasons for hope with Rosecrance teen services

The teenage years are never easy. Adolescence is a time of complex emotional change for child and family alike.

The teenage brain is wired to test boundaries. During these years, young people experience dramatic brain development that can make them more vulnerable to substance abuse or bring mental health issues into a more pronounced state. Whether these changes are sudden or gradual, it’s scary to watch the child you know fade away. We’re here to help.

Rosecrance is a national leader in adolescent behavioral health. We’ve been caring for the unique needs of teens and young adults for more than 100 years. Our comprehensive substance use and mental health services help accelerate progress and create a roadmap that goes beyond initial treatment, because that’s the key to long-term success.

Residential treatment

Some teens may benefit from the intensive approach of our residential program, located at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus.

Rosecrance recovery teens walking through Healing Garden at Griffin Williamson Campus
Rosecrance Healing Garden at The Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus

Our treatment environment includes a full school curriculum, recreation, experiential therapies, art, educational lectures, process groups, recovery meetings, 12-Step groups, life skills, coping-skill groups and individual and family counseling.

The recommended length of stay is 42 days, but the length of treatment is based on the individual’s needs. Group counseling is held six days per week. Counselors and case managers complete at least two individual sessions with the client and one family session with the family and client each week.

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Programs shaped by science

Rosecrance programs are guided by the latest thinking in behavioral health science, proven outcomes, and best practices. This evidenced-based approach shapes the design of all of our mental health and addiction treatment services.

Each client’s treatment program is designed to include a mix of group and individual therapy.

Environments that inspire healing

The physical environment plays an essential role in the treatment and recovery process. Rosecrance residential facilities, gardens, and experiential therapies have been thoughtfully designed to help teens and young adults benefit from the healing effects of nature, light, and art.

Waterfalls, boulders, trees, and a pond teeming with koi invite clients and families to immerse in the garden at our 50-acre Rosecrance Griffin Williamson campus, home to our residential adolescent addiction recovery and mental health programs. Located an hour northwest of Chicago, clients can access music, art, and horticulture therapy to help them discover new passions and positive tools for managing their condition over the long term.

Experts devoted to adolescents

Our approach to addiction and mental health treatment is shaped by experience caring for generations of teens and young adults. All of our programs are guided by the same fundamental truth: not every child gets better the same way.

At Rosecrance, each client is cared for by a team of specialists who have committed their careers to supporting the unique needs of adolescents. Together, the team designs an individualized treatment plan that draws on the expertise of counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, dieticians, nurses, chaplains, physical fitness instructors, teachers, and social workers. Our chief medical officer, medical director, and nursing staff assist with health concerns throughout the treatment stay.

The clinicians at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson campus are highly trained and professionally credentialed. Our team accelerates visible, meaningful progress for addiction recovery and mental health issues, helping adolescents build critical skills to enjoy life and achieve their potential.

Combined Treatment for Dual-Diagnosis Teens

Mental health and substance use disorders often co-occur, especially in teens and young adults. Families facing dual diagnoses may struggle to find treatment programs that address both simultaneously, even though these diagnoses can be so intertwined. At Rosecrance, our focus is on lifelong recovery, which is why we believe it’s vital to combine treatment for substance abuse and mental health into one individualized program for teens and young adults age 12 to 20.

Medically monitored detoxification

For many years, Rosecrance has offered the only licensed teen detox facility in the state of Illinois. When appropriate, this treatment is provided to assist in the safe withdrawal from the effects of various drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse education, intervention, and counseling are offered and clients are referred to the appropriate level of care.

Partial hospitalization

This type of care treats teens in our residential location seven days a week. These clients live at their own home in the evenings or can reside at the facility.

Recovery homes

Rosecrance also offers a long-term residential adolescent addiction recovery program for teens in a home-like setting. The program develops independent living skills and provides support, safety and counseling in a drug-free environment for teens who have completed primary treatment.

Rosecrance recovery boys having barbecue in front of Hillman House
Rosecrance Hillman House – Recovery Home for Teen Boys

Rosecrance recovery girls doing different activities in living space
Rosecrance Marlowe House – Recovery Home for Teen Girls

Rosecrance has two teen recovery homes. Male clients stay in a beautifully restored, turn-of-the-century home in a residential neighborhood. Female clients reside in a warm, prairie-style home on the Griffin Williamson Campus.

At our recovery homes, teens learn to overcome barriers that keep them from achieving lasting recovery. They focus on the skills and personal qualities that will help them live independently in the community and connect with families or caregivers.

The Rosecrance recovery home program includes:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family education and counseling
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Education opportunities (secondary, higher and vocational)
  • Interpersonal skills training
  • Life skills development
  • Recreational activities
  • Relapse prevention

Each teen is given an individualized living plan, while counselors provide 24-hour supervision under the management of a clinical director.

Intensive outpatient treatment

Teens who are treated in the intensive outpatient program will live at home while receiving individual, group and family counseling. Each client’s specific needs determine the care he or she receives.

Outpatient treatment focuses on recovery and includes:

  • Coping skills to prevent substance use
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Education about addiction and how it affects individuals and families
  • Recovery management skills
  • Anger management
  • How to use recovery support
  • Thinking errors
  • The effect of drugs on the body

As part of the intensive outpatient program, clients participate in random drug screens.

Teen Services in Sioux City, Iowa

Rosecrance also has a program for teens in Sioux City, Iowa at Rosecrance Jackson Centers. Click here to learn more.