Rosecrance Mulberry Center

The Rosecrance Mulberry Center combines two current, closely linked programs – Triage and Short-term Crisis Residential – under one roof.

The Triage Program and the Crisis Residential Unit are closely linked programs that are logically and efficiently offered under one roof. These programs are designed to provide an immediate response to individuals experiencing a psychiatric crisis. The goal of both programs is to avoid unnecessary hospitalization or incarceration of individuals in crisis by providing rapid assessment, stabilization and referral to the appropriate level of care. While many Triage clients go home with follow-up services at the Rosecrance Ware Center and others are referred for hospitalization, many are seamlessly moved to a short-term placement in the Rosecrance Crisis Residential Unit.

About Rosecrance Mulberry Center

Crisis Stabilization

Triage and short-term crisis residential

  • Rockford, IL & Surrounding Areas
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  • Mental Health Treatment

605 Mulberry Street
Rockford IL 61103

Phone: (866) 330-8729