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Your Choice Prevention Education Webinars

Rosecrance is proud to partner with Your Choice and help sponsor their Spring Webinar series.

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May 17, 2023
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Gone in a Snap
Presented by Amy Neville

Since losing Alexander, I have dedicated my life to educating and spreading awareness of the dangers that killed him. If you know me already or have seen my work, you know that I cannot say enough about the pain of losing my baby, but this is bigger than one fourteen-year-old. So many more adolescents and people of all ages are having their lives cut short through no fault of their own.

It is my mission to bring light to this issue and advocate for changes. In the last year, I have met with students, school counselors, school boards, PTAs, Scout troops, DEA agents, prosecutors, Law enforcement, State and Federal politicians, and many more people to share and learn what WE can do to help. This is a difficult hill to climb, but I know that our efforts are helping.

Presentation description:
Did you know that 12-to-17-year-olds are the fastest growing demographic for Fentanyl poisoning? Join our discussion as Amy Neville shares her son’s story and her personal experience of losing him to fentanyl poisoning & how social media plays a part in this crisis. The presentation will include information like what fentanyl is, why it is so dangerous, where are our kids getting it, what professionals, parents, and caretakers can do to protect the youth in our lives.

May 24, 2023
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Creating a Connection of Support for LGBTQ+ Youth: The Power of Awareness
Presented by Mike Lopez & Yvette Topete

Mike Lopez (he/him/his) holds a Master’s in Psychology specializing in LGBTQ Youth Studies. Mike’s position at the Los Angeles LGBT Center focuses on addressing substance misuse, leading prevention initiatives focused on LGBTQ youth, and building capacity for a coalition. Managing school-based programs, he and his team provide training and support to students, teachers, and administrators to make impactful changes on school campuses in Los Angeles and nationwide. He has brought his experience to national conferences helping prevention workers identify strategies to make their communities more inclusive for LGBTQ youth. Mike has over a decade of experience working with LGBTQ youth and communities.

Yvette Topete (she/her/ella), has worked for the Los Angeles LGBT Center with the Community Action Network Program since November 2021. She brings years of experience in working with low-income students in the Santa Ana School District and volunteering at her University’s LGBTQ+ Center. After finishing her education at the University of California, Irvine, Yvette immediately started working with non-profit organizations and pursued opportunities to work with LGBTQ+ youth to prioritize the importance of representation, resources, and community support. As a first-generation Mexican American, Yvette’s experience with little to no resources in the LGBTQ+ community during her youth drives her passion for creating safe and affirming spaces to support youth who identify as queer in her community.

Presentation description:
This workshop will look at research, evidence-based practices, and experience to identify the unique needs of LGBTQ+ youth and what systems, resources and networks effectively help to prevent substance misuse among this population. In this session, participants will receive informative data and identify protective factors in reducing substance misuse among LGBTQ+ youth. Presenters will share practical examples and best practices in reaching this population, focusing on building systems that enhance community support, and network development. This will include Coalition youth engagement methods, media advocacy, systems of support, and training adults who work with LGBTQ+ youth.

Learning objectives:

  1. Articulate some of the research which underscores the unique risks facing LGBTQ+ youth and how they contribute to substance misuse.
  2. Identify protective factors that are effective in reducing substance misuse among LGBTQ+ youth.
  3. Name resources that have been found to be effective in helping LGBTQ+ youth connect to others, build protective factors and increase youth’s sense of self.
  4. Consider what their communities have or need to develop in order to support LGBTQ+ youth and reduce substance misuse.
May 31, 2023
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Peer Supporting Mental Health Stigmas and Challenges for Veterans
Presented by Peter Borucki

Presentation description:
Peter Borucki is the Veteran Peer Services Coordinator for Mental Health America of Wisconsin and operates the R&R House. The R&R House is a peer-run respite for Wisconsin veterans. During this presentation, Peter will talk about what is the R&R House and what services they provide. We will also discuss stigmas, mental health, and substance use challenges veterans face.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding what is the R&R House and what services we offer
  2. Why is peer support important for veterans
  3. Discuss veteran stigmas
  4. Learn about mental health and substance use challenges that veterans face