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June 13 – The Impact of Legal Marijuana to the Workplace: What Every Employer Must Know. – As employees experiment with contemporary cannabis products, Jo will explain the impact, the signs, and symptoms of use and what the science tells us about outcomes that will impact the workplace. She will give an overview of changing laws that affect the workplace, describing what this means for employers and share successful, strategic policy tips that will increase employer protections & productivity. Finally, Jo will explain how drug testing for marijuana REALLY works, while addressing the complex question of impairment, offering insights into how this issue can be successfully managed.

June 20 – Disappear Fear: Effective Strategies to Combat Anxiety – Anxiety is something that everyone experiences. Sometimes, however, anxiety can be extreme and significantly impact the daily functioning of children and adolescents. This talk will help participants understand the nature of anxiety and offer many practical strategies that can be utilized at home and in school to aid kids with anxiety issues. Numerous case examples will be provided and there will be time for questions.

June 27 – Anxiety & Depression in Teens – The goal of this training is to help identify the warning signs of depression and anxiety in teens and adolescents. In today’s society our adolescents are dealing with varying degrees of stress that includes, families, school, peer, social unrest and even a pandemic. There is a link between stress, depression and anxiety and we understand that the brain functioning and development can be negatively impacted by these factors. Our goals is to identify the warning signs, help teach coping skills to help adolescents deal with anxiety and depression and if needed make the appropriate referral for treatment.

July 4 – An Overview of Suicidality – An introduction to the topic of suicide. The training will discuss current trends, how to talk about suicide, what to look for, and prevention approaches.

July 11 – Addicted to the Screen – Learn about the addictive nature of technology, the widespread social and psychological effects it’s having on our society and what you can do to start changing it. Appropriate for 16+ years of age.

July 18 – Getting Past No! – This workshop addresses barriers and resistance in working with adolescents with substance issues. As you know, most people with a substance use disorder fail to recognize or admit they might have a problem with their substance use. Couple this attitude with adolescent development and parental misconceptions, and you get many teens just saying “No” they don’t need to quit or agree to treatment. The workshop addresses attitudes and misconceptions about teen substance use, barriers to getting teens into treatment, and strategies for working with resistant teens.

July 25 – Nicotine, Tobacco and Vaping – Dr. Gaebler and Dr. Diaz examines the epidemic of vaping, the negative health effects of the aerosol, nicotine, and the effects on adolescent and young adult development. We will also examine the social pressures, how to treat the addiction, and how to advocate for our youth to stop the unhealthy trend.

August 1 – Methamphetamines: The Basics – This session will: · discuss methamphetamine trends in the community · discuss experiences with dealing with the rapid expansion of meth use/dealing-what worked, what did not work well, information sharing, working with other entities to try and get a handle on meth · discuss crimes and other effects meth has had on the community since becoming a major problem in our area. · talk generally about what we have done to try and get a handle on meth use, dealing and the issues surrounding the drug and how it is unique in some ways

August 8 – Marijuana: What Teens and Parents Should Know – Recent political changes in relation to marijuana are only part of the story. The publicized and politically charged world of drug policy has undergone immense changes over the past several years and those changes manifest not just in policy but also in the physical makeup of the cannabis plant. Not only has the perception of the plant changed, the actual plant itself has undergone dramatic changes as it has been industrialized and brought into a commercial market. As public opinion has softened towards cannabis the effects of consuming today’s marijuana remain poorly understood by many. With increasing acceptance, often driven by corporate interests, use has been rising steadily among all demographics. Many have grown up in settings where cannabis use is the norm and cannabis use disorder accepted as typical behavior. Cannabis use disorder is on the rise and the changing makeup of the plant and its derivatives is making treatment more complex and challenging. Given these realities, the need for continuing education regarding the evolution of cannabis and new forms of consumption as well as potential downsides is extremely important. A more holistic understanding of today’s marijuana will position us to have more relevant and potentially helpful conversations with those we serve. This conversation, directed at parents and teens, will be had in a respectful and nonpolitical manor promoting sound science while considering the practical reality of discussing cannabis in 2021 with a population that genuinely believes “it’s just weed.”

August 15 – The Other Side of the Epidemic – Understanding the wide reach of substance use is no simple task. Learn from three women who will share their incredible journey from the other side of the epidemic, what wisdom they have gained, and how they use their collective lived experience to come together, working to offer prevention and support services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. See the impact substance use has on others and learn the power of prevention, not just for those who are prone to experimentation, but for everyone across the lifespan.

August 22 – Youth Film Preview – Your Choice Youth Stories Video highlights the power of choices when it comes to substance use. Learn from the experiences of those who made choices to use, those who were impacted by someone’s choice to use, and those who didn’t.