Videos: See for Yourself Rosecrance’s Commitment to Lasting Recovery

At Rosecrance, we’re dedicated to our mission, which is to help adolescents, teens and adults build lasting recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Over the years, and to this day, we produce a number of videos for a variety of purposes, from advertising to media appearances to testimonial videos. See for yourself how we commit to helping you or your loved one embrace the future with hope.

Rosecrance Feature: Adolescent Residential Services

How to Get a Loved One Treatment at Rosecrance

Addiction as a Disease & Recovery

Experiential Therapies at Rosecrance

Rosecrance’s On-Site School for Teens in Treatment for Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

Why should Rosecrance be on your radar?

What is the mission of Rosecrance?

What does “one day at a time” really mean?

What is a comprehensive approach?

What makes Rosecrance different?

What if a Loved One is Resistant to Getting Treatment?

What is “enabling”?

How do I set boundaries with my loved one suffering from addiction?

How can I begin the healing process with my loved one suffering from substance use disorder?

How can I support my loved one after treatment for their substance use disorder?

Marijuana and the Teen Brain

What is the structure of the family education weekend at Rosecrance Harrison Campus?

What is the structure of the family education weekend at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus?

Rosecrance Alumni Program

Teen Mental Health Residential Services

David Casalena | “Why I give to Rosecrance”

Lisa Lindman | “Why I Give to Rosecrance”

Jean Clark | “Why I Give to Rosecrance”