Rosecrance services in Rockford, IL and surrounding areas

Rosecrance offers residential treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, as well as a variety of recovery homes and outpatient offices.
Rosecrance’s two largest residential sites are located in Rockford, Illinois. Our Griffin Williamson Campus offers residential treatment for adolescents aged 12-18, with a typical stay of 35 to 45 days. Adults receive this level of care at our Harrison Campus. This intensive, evidence based approach provides clients with an environment that inspires healing.

Our recovery homes provide long-term treatment in a home-like setting. These programs develop independent life skills in a drug-free environment for clients who have completed primary treatment.

Our outpatient centers provide counseling for clients who live at home while receiving treatment. Rosecrance’s affiliate Aspen Counseling & Consulting is located in Rockford and provides outpatient counseling for substance use and mental health disorders, as well as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy.

View our photo gallery of our residential locations in Rockford:

Griffin Williamson Campus

Harrison Campus

Rosecrance locations

Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus

Griffin Williamson Campus
Residential treatment for teens

Treatment at Rosecrance Harrison Campus patio

Harrison Campus
Residential treatment for adults

Young men standing outside Rosecrance Hillman Recovery Home

Hillman Recovery House
Recovery home for teen boys

Women standing outside Rosecrance Marlowe Recovery Home

Marlowe Recovery House
Recovery home for teen girls

Rosecrance Greendale Recovery Home building

Greendale Recovery House
Recovery home for adults

Rosecrance Berry Campus building

Aspen Counseling & Consulting
Outpatient counseling & TMS therapy

Ware Center
Community mental health treatment for adults, teens and children

Berry Campus
Community mental health treatment for children
Please note that services for this location have moved to the Ware Center.

Mulberry Center
Crisis Stabilization

Belvidere Clinic
Outpatient treatment for adults