Let’s change lives together.
Join us and be a champion of hope.

At Rosecrance, we are committed to providing careers that make a difference in the lives of the people we serve … and the people we employ. We do this through the work we do, our core mission and values, our employee resources, and especially through our purpose-driven community of opportunity and hope.

We are proud of the relationships we build, with our clients and within our Rosecrance community. Our jobs are fulfilling, knowing at the end of the day that we have provided compassionate, expert care for people experiencing behavioral health concerns.

Hope’s waiting. So is opportunity.

We’re proud of our growth and expansion that’s made us a strong organization and one that can provide many opportunities to our team. This growth has meant a 31% increase in staff over the past two years. The addition of new services and team positions offers many opportunities for new challenges. We are very committed to promotion from within.

Rosecrance has locations in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and has job opportunities for entry-level, bachelor’s-level, and master’s-level positions. Find Jobs Now.

EEO Statement

Benefits of working at Rosecrance

Health and Wellness

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Voluntary Vision Plan
  • Wellness program with premium discount
  • Named one of the Healthiest Companies in America for 7 consecutive years.

Additional Benefits

  • Time off benefits
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Options to save for Retirement

Culture Benefits

  • A commitment to growth and promotion from within
  • Comprehensive training opportunities from internal training team and outside resources, including CEUs
  • Reimbursement for licensure and certification
  • Staff appreciation events
  • Team building activities

Clinical Excellence Series

Quarterly training opportunities focused on advanced, evidence based clinical topics, with an emphasis on practical application and clinical skill building. CEUs included!

Emerging Leaders Training Series

3 part training opportunity designed for up and coming leaders interested in developing a leadership skillset and mindset.

New Leaders/LEAD the Way

A comprehensive leadership development program designed to equip our newest leaders with the tools and resources to be successful.

Next Level Leadership Series

Ongoing leadership development programming that targets topics based on various factors including regional needs, clinical vs. administration leadership, and leadership level.

Champions of Hope

We’ve featured a large number of our employees on our social media channels and internal newsletters. Read the highlighted bios below to learn about our outstanding staff!

Amy Young
Amy Young

Mentors help nursing director achieve career goals

Amy Young set high ambitions as a nursing intern. She wanted to advance on professional ladder, earn nurse practitioner (NP) credentials, and lead other caregivers. Through mentors and opportunities provided by Rosecrance, she has achieved those dreams and much more in 14 years with the organization.

As an intern at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus, Young observed staff making life-changing differences every day. That inspired her to apply for an opening at the same facility, and she joined the staff four days after completing the internship.

“I knew I wanted to work here as long as possible because my job had a purpose,” Young said. “I also saw how much Rosecrance invested in staff—even young interns like me—and I hoped I could pursue all my career goals here.”

The first few years at Rosecrance were filled with a balancing act between work and school to check off the steps required for Family Nurse Practitioner certification. Eight years into the journey, Young earned the credential.

While academic pursuits continued, professional ventures blossomed. Young transitioned from floor nurse to nurse manager, then healthcare provider. In 2016, she became director of nursing, which gave her oversight of all Rosecrance facilities’ nursing staff.

Young attributes her successes to relationships with mentors who provided wisdom and opportunities to advance within Rosecrance. When she didn’t know which NP path to take, a conversation with then-Vice President of Human Resources Judi Jobe made that decision easier. A few years later, when Young was seeking new experiences to better serve clients, current President and CEO Dave Gomel, Ph.D. opened doors for valuable growth. It was leaders like Chief Medical Officer Tom Wright, M.D., who then nudged her toward leadership positions.

“The fact that people like these were willing to help me make big career decisions was fantastic,” she said. “Because of their guidance, I’ve been able to have many valuable experiences and forge relationships that have shaped who I am.”

Thanks to that support, Young makes it a priority to be that inspirational guide to the staff she serves.

“I have the great privilege to work with amazing people, and I want to live my life in a way that can inspire others,” she said. “It gives me great joy to be a small part of their journey when they find their niche or achieve goals.”

Cooper Carter
Cooper Carter

Welcoming back former staff strengthens Rosecrance’s mission

For a growing number of individuals in the workforce, the last day at a company they respect may not be the end after all. More organizations, including Rosecrance, are reconnecting with former staff to pursue new opportunities in familiar places.

These “boomerang employees” bring a blend of new experiences and institutional knowledge, along with a high level of trust developed during the first stint with an organization.

“Our employees are all champions of hope, and we want the best for them,” said Rosecrance Talent Acquisition Manager Alicia Rau. “When we hire someone back, it shows the faith we have in our greatest staff to continue to be an asset. Rosecrance is all about second chances for clients, so why wouldn’t we offer that same opportunity to former staff?”

Cooper Carter is one who recently returned to Rosecrance Central Illinois. She discovered a passion for helping others build dreams while working at the organization’s recovery homes in Champaign, but stepped away to focus on education and family.

Four years later, the talent acquisition team sought staff for the new Living Room respite program at Rosecrance. As a person with lived experience in recovery and a shining employee history on file, Carter was an ideal employee to bring back. The new position and enhanced benefits from the employee reinvestment campaign made it a perfect match, and Carter returned before the December holidays in 2021.

“Rosecrance gave me my first experience working in behavioral health, and I loved making a positive difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I was surprised they wanted to bring me back, but I’m grateful it worked out.”

As a recovery specialist, Carter is a key connecting point for clients who may be experiencing emotional distress. She can relate to visitors through her own experience and point them to Rosecrance and community resources.

“I’m grateful that I can relate to clients through my own life,” Carter said. “I didn’t realize how big of an impact I could have, but it’s great that I can be a liaison for them. In a way, we’re helping each other out—it’s therapeutic for all of us.”

Matt Kiefer
Matt Kiefer

Investing in our most valuable resource

After a few years in the transportation industry, Matt Kiefer wanted a more fulfilling career. Recognizing the impact of addiction in his family, he sought an opportunity to build dreams of people on the recovery journey.

That search brought Kiefer to Rosecrance, where he found his place as a unit specialist working with adults. Now, he is filled with the joy of seeing clients find hope each day.

“I’ve never felt as rewarded by my work as I am at Rosecrance,” Kiefer said. “It is amazing to work with clients and see the results of what we do.”

In addition, Kiefer took advantage of Rosecrance’s strong employee development culture. Encouraged to think about career goals, he decided to pursue addiction counselor certification within the next few years. Once certified, he will be able to advance within the organization as he finds the specialty that best fits.

As part of the emphasis on growth, Rosecrance offers financial assistance for professional licensure and provides an intensive curriculum of trainings throughout the year. Staff can attend educational sessions and receive CEUs for free. Leadership development training is another opportunity for current and emerging leaders that sets Rosecrance apart.

In 2021, Rosecrance employees also benefitted from two significant initiatives that rewarded them for hard work and to make sure that every team member feels truly welcome and valued. Rosecrance dedicated $6.5 million in 2021 to pay increases as reinvestment in the staff.

A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is helping Rosecrance become a community that recognizes and welcomes all its members and clients. This group fosters healthy conversations that are resulting in recommended changes throughout the organization.

These initiatives have resulted in increased staff morale over the past year, as the employee satisfaction rate on a twice-a-year survey reached 92 percent recently. Though consistently high, the satisfaction rate has steadily risen over the past few years.

“I’m grateful that Rosecrance leadership goes out of the way to make sure that staff are being taken care of,” Kiefer said. “That translates to better outcomes for our clients. When the organization truly cares about me as an individual, I definitely give extra effort with my team and the people we serve. And, it makes me proud to be part of the mission.”

This article first appeared in the 2022 issue of Reach. Click here to read more from the magazine.

Staff appreciation events and team building activities

At Rosecrance, we’re proud to offer our employees many opportunities throughout the year to celebrate recovery, teamwork and wellness.