Hope Is Always Within Reach

For individuals in recovery, the security and accessibility of Rosecrance Virtual services is a powerful thing. It means our resources and continuum of care are available to you whenever you need them. No matter where you are in the treatment and recovery journey, hope is within reach.

We know it’s sometimes difficult to make that first call or to continue in treatment, so Rosecrance offers virtual connections to our services with you in mind. You don’t have to worry about distances or schedules to receive care and support from our licensed and credentialed team. Call our Access team at 888-928-5278 or fill out the form on this page to begin an online inquiry. A counselor will walk you through the next steps to lasting recovery. You will discuss the best options for treatment, insurance, and any questions you might have about virtual or other services.

Rosecrance Virtual services utilize an Internet-connected device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera. In a few simple clicks, you will have access to Rosecrance’ s secure video and telephone platforms, as well as many other resources.

Rosecrance Virtual programs are available to anyone in Illinois and Iowa. We may also serve people in other neighboring states, depending on the insurance plan. Rosecrance accepts most major insurance policies, and most have expanded access to telehealth. Our Access team will walk you through any questions regarding coverage. In addition, our virtual programs meet federal and state healthcare privacy regulations such as HIPAA.

We are proud to offer the following treatment options:

Virtual Assessments

At Rosecrance, our skilled, caring team is ready to answer your initial call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply call 888-928-5278 to speak with us confidentially.

During this first conversation, we’ll ask about your situation as well as other important information. We’ll help you understand the next steps toward your recovery and how we can help you take them.

Prevention and Early Intervention Program (PEI)

The Rosecrance PEI Program is an evidence-based alcohol and drug education program designed to provide education, support, and direction to teens and their families who may be at risk of more serious involvement with alcohol and other drugs.

Substance Abuse Outpatient Programs (IOP/EOP)

Adults and teens can receive outpatient treatment staying in their home environment while learning new coping skills to achieve and sustain recovery. For more information about all our programs, click here for teens and here for adults.

We also encourage you to take advantage of these virtual support resources:


Rosecrance can help you and your family set boundaries and work toward detaching from the illness with compassion. Treatment and support options through Rosecrance are also offered with the hope that the client is willing to accept help. Sandi Lybert, Interventionist, and member of the Rosecrance Team is available for virtual interventions. To schedule an appointment with Sandi, please contact our Access team by calling 888-928-5278 or contact Sandi directly at slybert@rosecrance.org.

Rosecrance Family Program

Rosecrance’ s popular weekend family program seminar is now offered virtually to help your family learn more about the disease of addiction. The program gives an overview of treatment at Rosecrance and provides an introduction to the recovery process.

Rosecrance Alumni Program

The Rosecrance Alumni Program has expanded to include many virtual opportunities for connection and support. The program uses a robust app that allows users to participate in 12-Step meetings, experiential therapy such as art and yoga, other special programming and educational presentations and also interact with each other in ways similar to traditional social media. The app also allows users to plan and post virtual or in-person events (when safely allowed) that build support beyond Rosecrance’s formal offerings.

Rosecrance Parent Café

The Rosecrance Parent Café is a free, virtual support group for parents who have a teen or young adult struggling with addiction. Offered twice weekly, the group is led by an addictions counselor who facilitates discussion with other parents going through similar experiences. Click here for more information about the Parent Café.

Virtual Library: Seminars

Rosecrance is committed not only to high quality treatment and support services but also to providing education for clients, families and professionals. Our free virtual library features seminars about topics that are timely for the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Click here to access the Rosecrance Virtual Library.