Rosecrance Lakeview

Rosecrance Lakeview treatment center in Chicago

A Chicago recovery resource for the community.
A community for those in recovery.

The new Rosecrance Lakeview location is designed to serve multiple needs for those with substance abuse disorders; offering an outpatient counseling center open to the community, and a structured recovery residence specializing in serving young adults in Chicago.

Decades of experience in addiction treatment tell us that long-term recovery is fostered by certain elements:

  • Quality, evidence-based treatment programs
  • A structured and supportive sober living environment
  • Personal accountability
  • Life and career coaching for clients
  • Guidance in goal setting

The Rosecrance Lakeview campus incorporates all of these elements into the Launch for Life program, a new model for structured recovery living.

Outpatient counseling center

The first floor is where Rosecrance and the surrounding community come together. In our outpatient counseling center, we offer the full continuum of care, including a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment and aftercare individual and group sessions.


  • Individual and family counseling with licensed providers
  • Family program
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Assertive linkages for psychiatry support and services

Recovery housing

Rosecrance Lakeview short- and long-term recovery housing is designed for both adults and young adults seeking a structured, sober environment to further their recovery.

Clients who live in the recovery home may also engage in clinical services.

Launch to Life

Often, young adults with substance use histories have struggled with independence. For many of these men and women, addiction has derailed plans for college or work, and delayed development of the life skills necessary for independent living.

The Launch to Life program at Rosecrance Lakeview is carefully designed to fill the growing need for recovery housing, complementing it with proven strategies and programming to help residents successfully make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.


  • Life skills building
  • Budget planning
  • Academic coaching
  • Weekly in-house peer group meetings
  • 12-Step support and participation
  • Career counseling
  • Community services opportunities
  • Planned sober recreation activities

12-Step meetings on site are available to all clients in clinical services, residents and the community.

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