A Commitment to Those Who Have Served

Rosecrance Veterans Program and Veterans Affairs Community Care Network

Seeking treatment for substance use and mental health disorders is particularly critical for veterans and their families.

Rosecrance serves veterans through our full continuum of care, including residential, outpatient, crisis services, and supportive housing. It’s our mission to improve access to care and remove stigma that surrounds behavioral health disorders. With 100 years of experience serving our communities and a sincere commitment to veterans, we are proud to expand our program for veterans as an approved provider through the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network (VA-CCN).

Our physician-led team delivers holistic residential treatment for veterans at our Rosecrance Harrison Campus in Rockford, Illinois, Rosecrance on Moreland in Champaign, Illinois, and the Rosecrance Jackson Centers residential campus in Sioux City, Iowa. Our specialized programming directly addresses occupational factors and traumas in the treatment experience, along with peer support, individual, group, and family counseling medication-assisted treatment, and deep inclusion of therapeutic recreation to support the development of coping and recovery skills.

Rosecrance also offers outpatient services, including TMS therapy for depression and OCD, at locations in Chicago, Northern Illinois, and Wisconsin.

For referring providers, Rosecrance will provide regular updates to you while your patient is in residential care with us, and then your patient will return to your care at discharge.

Rosecrance is an approved VA-CCN provider

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Easy 3-Step Process

Call Now

Reach out to Rosecrance on our VIP line at (866) VET-ROSE or (866) 838-7673 to learn more and understand your options for care.

Determine Eligibility

We will help establish your eligibility to seek care with Rosecrance, a Community Care Network provider. You may qualify for care from a provider outside the VA hospital/clinic system if you are enrolled in or eligible for community care. The VA must approve a request to seek care from a community provider, VA staff make all eligibility decisions, but the Rosecrance team can help you navigate this process.

Getting Care

Once you are approved for care with Rosecrance, our team will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the best treatment plan.

Deep Experience Serving Veterans

Rosecrance has a long history of serving veterans, which means we’ve gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges that veterans often face. This can include PTSD, substance use disorders, depression, and other mental health issues that are frequently associated with the experiences of being in the military. Our professional staff is trained to deal with these issues, providing evidence-based treatments that are most effective for veterans. Over time, Rosecrance has built a reputation of trust within the veteran community thanks to our demonstrated ability to provide high-quality care that takes into account the specific needs of veterans.

Treatment Program Designed Specifically for Veterans’ Needs

The issues veterans face can be quite distinct from the general population, including exposure to combat, long-term separation from family, and readjusting to civilian life. At Rosecrance we understand and respect these unique circumstances and have designed treatment programs to address them specifically. These programs could involve a variety of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, or exposure therapy for trauma-related disorders, along with specialized substance abuse treatments. The ability to offer such targeted treatments improves the potential effectiveness and outcomes of our programs.

Peer Support from Veterans

Peer support is a critical element in the recovery journey. At Rosecrance, veterans will find a community of peers who’ve had similar experiences, making it easier for you to relate, share your stories, and support each other during the recovery process. This can make a significant difference in helping veterans feel understood and reducing feelings of isolation. We also employ staff who are veterans themselves, contributing further to this sense of shared experience. The community that Rosecrance fosters helps veterans realize you’re not alone in your struggles, which can be extremely empowering during your journey toward recovery.

Supporting Veteran Families

Education, support, and help for veterans’ families are essential components of our programming at Rosecrance.

We emphasize the benefits of including family members in the treatment process and help identify the appropriate people to include. Families are contacted within 24 hours of their loved one’s transfer to residential care and they continue to receive updates on a weekly basis.

Veterans in our care can access weekly virtual visitation sessions with family members to maintain connection, and loved ones are included in family counseling sessions.

As an individual is preparing to leave treatment, they work directly with our discharge planning team who, alongside our clinicians, establish and confirm all aftercare needs

About Rosecrance

With a long history of leadership in behavioral healthcare, Rosecrance has grown to more than 60 convenient locations across Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. We are a private nonprofit organization offering comprehensive, nationally accredited, evidence-based treatment services for mental health and substance use disorders. Because behavioral health challenges impact more than just the individual, we offer therapies for children, teens, young adults, adults, and families.