On Your Radar podcast: How to build resilience and practice emotional mindfulness

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re struggling with something right now. Not because you’re a specific audience for this blog, but simply because you’re human. We’ve all gone through a lot these last few years, and whether struggling with mental health or addiction, or simply navigating life, we’ve all had to be a resilient bunch.

Sometimes, we fall into habits that can hinder our resilience and emotional well-being, like negative self-talk, overreacting, and worrying about things out of our control. Or conversely, avoiding our issues altogether in favor of unhealthy coping mechanisms, or thinking we just need to “buck up” and push past a bad day. Real, lasting resiliency and emotional mindfulness can then feel very far away.

But resiliency is always inside all of us. It’s just not always easy, not always instant, and it takes work. Think of it like a muscle that needs to be regularly exercised through healthy coping skills, and by setting boundaries or working on behaviors that don’t help in the long run.

One thing the experts at Rosecrance suggest is to process initial negative reactions as just that—reactions, not complete thoughts. Try to avoid “infinity” words like “always,” “never,” “forever,” and “nothing.” Instead of being harder on yourself than anyone else, talk to yourself the way you would a close friend, or as a close friend would talk to you and support you. Once you begin to change one thought at a time, you’d be surprised at how that can also change the thought patterns that follow.

Professional help is always available, too. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be of great help in challenging negative thoughts, controlling what you can control (including your own reactions), and learning which healthy coping skills work for you. It’s not always a smooth, linear process, but it’s the right way to build real resilience, emotional well-being, and contentment.

If you or someone you know is struggling and doesn’t know how to go on or where to turn, check out episode 11 of the Rosecrance podcast “On Your Radar,” which covers how to unlock the resilience within all of us and build lasting emotional well-being.

Listen to “How to Build Resilience and Practice Emotional Mindfulness” HERE.