Rosecrance: Enlightened Treatment for Effective Recovery

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At Rosecrance, we’re dedicated to the individuals in our care, and to their families. We provide personalized, coordinated services to adults living with mental health disorders. In fact, we have a passion for it. In addition, our care services are accessible and well connected to an extensive local network of premier healthcare agencies.

Adult patients at Rosecrance have access to a range of services. We begin with an in-depth assessment process, then provide compassionate, evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation using both group and individual therapy techniques. Our professional staff of board-certified psychiatrists, counselors, nurses, physicians, dieticians, chaplains, physical fitness instructors, teachers and social workers treats most forms of mental illness, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bi-polar disorder

Our services also include financial assistance, living assistance and vocational help.

Rosecrance offers two entry points for adult treatment

The Access Center, located at the Rosecrance Ware Center, serves as the entry point for adults seeking mental health services. Access provides each patient with an initial mental health screening. Patients are then referred to a counselor for short-term therapy (typically 12 weeks or fewer).

Our Emergency Services department sees adults who are in mental health crisis. Our crisis services are available — and delivered with compassion and confidentiality — all day, every day, 365 days every year.

Crisis Residential Unit for urgent situations

The Crisis Residential Unit is a voluntary, short-term program. The Unit serves individuals with serious mental illness who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis but whose assessment shows that they do not need inpatient care. Instead, these individuals are cared for in a voluntary 24-hour supervised setting. The Crisis Residential Unit is located at the Rosecrance Mulberry Center.

The Rosecrance Triage Program helps you in your time of need

The Triage Program connects patients with crisis intervention, screening, evaluation and referrals. It also offers linkages to many community providers. Rosecrance Triage utilizes a “living room” concept; a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment instead of a typical clinical or emergency room setting. The Triage Program is located at the Rosecrance Mulberry Center.

Rosecrance offers TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Therapy

Rosecrance offers TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy at Aspen Counseling & Consulting, L.L.C. TMS therapy is an FDA-approved therapy for depression.

Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) helps the homeless

The PATH program provides outreach and therapeutic services. Qualifiying individuals are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless and have a serious mental illness or co-occurring disorder.

Partnering for the homeless: The Homeless Mental Health Access Program

This homeless services program is a collaboration between Rosecrance Ware Center, Crusader Community Health and Carpenter’s Place.

Get screened for care before admission

When adults are discharged from a hospital into a nursing home, the Pre-Admission Screening

program provides mental health pre-admission screening.

Off-site care: The Crusader Community Health Partnership

Rosecrance provides mental health screening and referrals at Crusader’s West State Street and Broadway sites.

Rosecrance offers access to expert psychiatric services

Rosecrance offers psychiatric services in coordination with a number of other programs.




Outpatient services are available at the Community Mental Health Center

The Center offers programs that help adults with serious, persistent mental illness return comfortably into the community.

The Rosecrance Community Support Program provides continuing care

Our Community Support Program provides basic counseling and other support for patients who are stable in their recovery or who are in need of ongoing therapy.

You can rely on the Community Support Team

The Rosecrance Community Support Team helps individuals function more effectively through focused skills training and support.

Assertive Community Treatment takes a team approach

Living in the community can be a challenge for some patients. Assertive Community Treatment is a year-round, intensive program where patients work with a team of professionals to adapt to community life.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy helps patients with personality disorders

This program offers behavioral-based group therapy that addresses certain personality disorders.

Off-site living is available through Community Integrated Living Arrangements

Individuals in this program live in an apartment of their own in the community. They receive 24-hour supervision, therapy, support, and skills training to help them be successful. All apartment buildings are owned by Rosecrance.

Get educated at the Recovery Resource Center

At the Recovery Resource Center, located at the Ware Center, we provide peer support, mentoring, and opportunities for volunteerism. The center features an extensive library of recovery materials for individuals and family members, available free of charge.

Spanish Services

Rosecrance Ware Center ofrece servicios de salud mental en español. Estos servicios incluyen groupos de bienestar mental, consejería individual y familiar, y servicios de psichiatría.

Para determinar su eligibilidad para servicios, usted tiene que venir a Rosecrance Ware Center ó llamar al teléfono 815-391-1000 y pida hablar con Cristina Gloria y establecer una cita para una evaluación.

Despues de su evaluación si se determina que necesita de nuestros servicios, usted será asignado a una consejara que habla español que se reunirá con usted para que juntos establezcan sus metas en el camino a su recuperación personal.