Take time for yourself today

If you live in the United States, chances are that you are stressed at some point during your day.

Some stress is necessary in our lives, but when we struggle with chronic stress it can be harmful to the body and mind.

In a 2022 poll conducted by the American Psychological Association, 55% of Americans reported that they are stressed out during the day. When stress hormones are continuously present, they can cause changes in the brain’s function, ultimately resulting in memory loss, cognitive issues, anxiety, or depression. Additionally, people who continuously feel a high level of stress are putting themselves at a higher risk of substance use.

Fortunately, there are healthy, evidence-based strategies to help combat the negative effects of stress such as staying physically active for a better night of sleep and to help reduce anxiety.

But for some, stress-related symptoms such as stress-induced headaches or tossing and turning at night cannot be easily managed or may be hinting at a deeper cause.

Those who’ve taken steps to control their stress but whose symptoms persist may want to speak with a professional who can help identify the root cause.

Individuals who are struggling to manage their stress or have a loved one who could benefit from support from a licensed professional are encouraged to call Rosecrance’s caring Access team at 888.928.5278.