Drug & alcohol addiction treatment and mental health services for Chicago and in locations near Chicago

Rosecrance offers a full continuum of substance addiction rehabilitation services, including substance abuse prevention, early intervention, and addiction treatment, under the guidance of our caring staff of licensed treatment professionals. Our programs in the Chicagoland area provide evidence-based addiction rehab for substance abuse and mental health disorders in environments that foster lasting recovery.

Addiction treatment services offered in the Chicago and surrounding suburbs include:

  • Confidential drug abuse, alcohol abuse, substance abuse evaluations (for you, individuals, families, friends of those in addiction)
  • Prevention and early addiction intervention services in the Frankfort, La Grange, Chicago‘s Lakeview neighborhood, Warrenville and Northbrook Illinois addiction rehab locations
  • Chicago Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP) in the Frankfort, La Grange and Northbrook treatment locations
  • Chicago Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment Centers Programs (IOP) for addiction and alcoholism in our Chicago Lakeview addiction rehab treatment center, Des Plaines, Frankfort, La Grange, and Northbrook Illinois facilities
  • Chicago Adult Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) in our Des Plaines and Lakeview locations
  • Chicago addiction recovery, alcoholism treatment, substance use disorder & sober living/sobriety home for younger adults, students and adults at Lakeview Chicago
  • Assistance to families who need help finding further addiction rehabilitation resources
  • Presentations, training, and online recovery resources for professionals, community organizations, parents and students
  • Drug screenings

Residential Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment and Mental Health Treatment Services

We also offer access to residential drug abuse treatment, mental health programs, and rehab treatment for co-occurring disorders just a short 90 minutes away from Chicago, in Rockford, IL. Our Griffin Williamson Campus offers residential rehabilitation treatment for teens, and our Harrison Campus offers residential addiction treatment for adults.

Addiction treatment recovery centers across Chicago

Chicago inpatient recovery & Chicago outpatient recovery treatment locations

Rosecrance lakeview building

Chicago Recovery: Rosecrance Lakeview
Alcohol, drug, substance use disorder & addictions rehab center in Chicago. Drug abuse treatment for young adults and adults seeking recovery in the Chicago Metro Area. Near Lake Michigan & Wrigley Field, this Chicago recovery center offers alcoholism treatment, residential rehabilitation, IOP, PHP, and licensed sober living for adults.

Rosecrance Des Plaines office

Des Plaines, IL
Substance abuse rehabilitation, alcohol abuse & mental health treatment in Cook County, IL, providing PHP, IOP, NIOP, and Continuous Care rehab treatment programs in Chicago.

Rosecrance Frankfort building

Frankfort, IL
Substance use disorder IOP rehabilitation, alcohol addiction & mental health treatment in Will County, Illinois, just south of the Chicago metropolitan area.

Rosecrance building La Grange

La Grange, IL
A drug abuse IOP rehabilitation & mental health treatment center, for teens, young adults and adults, in La Grange, IL, just southwest of the Chicago metro area.


Warrenville, IL
Substance abuse rehabilitation, alcohol abuse & mental health treatment along the DuPage River near Chicago, for teens, young adults, and adults.

Rosecrance Northbrook building

Northbrook, IL
Drug addiction rehabilitation IOP, outpatient alcohol abuse & mental health treatment center in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago, serving teens, younger adults or millennials, and adults.

Rosecrance Oak Park building

Oak Park, IL
Drug abuse rehabilitation center & mental health treatment located in the village of Oak Park, next to the West Side of Chicago, in collaboration with Chicago’s long-standing Thrive Counseling Center.

Adults Achieve Lasting Recovery at Rosecrance

Rosecrance believes strongly that you have the ability and power to have a life in recovery from substance abuse. Seeking our help means you have already taken the essential first step on the road to lasting recovery and renewed hope for adults and families.

Our Illinois adult recovery treatment programs include individual sessions, family counseling, and group sessions and activities. Our recovery programs are tailored to your unique needs, because no two journeys to recovery are the same. Group activities include counseling, lectures, recreational activities, spirituality, team building, and 12-Step education.

We are committed to your recovery journey. Rosecrance gives you the tools you need to achieve a meaningful, lasting Recovery. You and your family have access to our services as long as you need them to accomplish realistic, effective treatment goals.

Services Adults Receive at Rosecrance

Withdrawal management and Detoxification

The Rosecrance Health Center delivers medically monitored care to adult clients in treatment for drug abuse and alcohol abuse. As a client, your care will be based on your individual needs, and you may receive a range of services. These services can include substance abuse education, addiction intervention and counseling for adults in Illinois, Western Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The Health Center accepts admissions 24 hours a day. Before you enter treatment, please check the following list of items to bring or leave:

Residential inpatient care

At Rosecrance, your treatment plan is designed based on your unique needs. You will have individual, group and family counseling during your stay with us. You will also take part in educational sessions, life skills groups and discharge planning, and you’ll get help making connections in the community that can help your long-term recovery. 12-Step programming is foundational to what we do, giving you the skills you need to sustain progress after treatment. We also include spiritual exploration and relapse prevention as part of the treatment process. Our residential addiction treatment clients usually stay with us anywhere from 35 to 40 days.

For our inpatient care for adults, you’ll be living in a residential setting at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus in Rockford, Illinois or Rosecrance on Moreland in Champaign, Illinois. These locations offer safe, secure housing in a therapeutic environment that will help you focus on your addiction treatment recovery.

Before you enter treatment, please check the following list of items to bring or leave:

Partial hospitalization program

Another option for clients who need intensive services is our partial hospitalization program. If you enter this program, you will be onsite five days each week while you continue living at home in the evenings and on weekends.

Intensive outpatient care

When you successfully complete residential treatment, you can continue to be seen on an outpatient basis. Outpatient care is also a good choice if you need a less intensive level of treatment. We offer both day and evening sessions.

Our treatment programs include:

  • Expanded Intensive Outpatient Care/IOP
  • Residential/Inpatient Care
  • Continuing Care

Moving throughout this continuum of care provides the support you need for strong, lasting recovery. Outpatient (IOP) care includes individualized addiction treatment with an ongoing assessment process. It also includes group and individual counseling, educational sessions and special topics groups, as well as planning for relapse prevention.

Recovery homes and sober living

Rosecrance has a transitional living recovery program for adults, which also serves mothers with children. It’s located in Greendale House, a 10-unit apartment complex near the Rosecrance Harrison Campus. Residents have easy access to services at our adult treatment program and develop the skills they need to achieve lasting recovery.

For more information, call (866) 330-8729. You can also download the Rosecrance Woodstock Recovery Home overview sheet (PDF) here.

Rosecrance Lakeview Chicago also offers recovery living and addiction treatment services that allow young adults who have completed residential addiction treatment the opportunity to heal, mature, and become grounded in recovery. Rosecrance Lakeview is a new concept in recovery, a beautiful purpose-built building in the Lakeview neighborhood that offers quality evidence-based programs, a structured and supportive living environment, and many services.

For more information about Rosecrance Lakeview, call (866) 330-8729.

Rosecrance has special services for adults

Psychiatric services for Adults

Many people with substance use disorders also experience a mental health disorder, so we offer psychiatric evaluation and treatment when needed. Our team will assess your needs while deciding if a referral to a psychiatrist will be helpful. Our inpatient clients also have access to psychiatric services on campus as well as dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Experiential therapies program

The Experiential Therapies Department at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus offers evidence-based recreational and art therapy programs specifically designed for adults with substance use and related disorders. These programs can help you recognize and understand your own physical, cognitive, emotional and social styles. You’ll also learn new, healthier interests and activities that can support lasting recovery.

Recreational therapies programs

Active involvement in recreation can help you to:

  • Manage the stresses that threaten sobriety
  • Increase social interaction
  • Expand social networks
  • Enhance sober lifestyle and identity

Rosecrance’s recreational therapy program can help you learn and improve in many ways, such as personal independence, community leisure skills, well-being, fitness and health. The program also addresses decision-making, problem solving, relaxation training, assertiveness training, stress management, and organizational skills.

A certified recreational therapist will work directly with you. You’ll have access to our state-of-the-art fitness center, training equipment and fitness tools. You can learn about relaxation and stress reduction as you practice yoga and meditation techniques. Services include leisure education groups, team building, recreational activities, community recreation and cultural events.

Art therapies program

If you enjoy expressing yourself and your feelings through art, you may benefit from individual or group art therapy. Art therapy at Rosecrance focuses on the process — not the final product. Some clients who aren’t comfortable communicating with words can use art therapy to express themselves.

Our Master’s level art therapist can also help work through issues in your recovery using metaphor and concrete thinking. You’ll be encouraged to focus on current treatment issues while you work on conflict resolution and future goals.

Projects are chosen to suit the needs of each individual or group. You can work in a safe therapeutic environment that helps you process emotions, trauma or other addiction treatment-related issues using materials such as pastels, watercolor, tempera paint, clay, papier-mâché and collage.

Family programming

Rosecrance offers family members in-depth education about addiction, including lectures, open discussion and experiential activities. Families are encouraged to see that addiction is a family disease. They look at ways addiction has impacted the family while finding ways to work together toward lasting recovery.

To learn more, click here.


Addiction, in whatever form it takes, greatly affects the family. An intervention is a way for family and friends to gather and tell their loved one in a loving and caring way how their lives have been affected. An intervention can greatly increase the effectiveness of a patient’s treatment.

Aspen Counseling and Consulting, a Rosecrance affiliate, will help the family prepare to lovingly confront addictive behaviors.

Specialty-focused substance abuse recovery services

Rosecrance provides a variety of specialty-focused services for specific populations:
The Rosecrance Florian Program for uniformed service personnel.
If you are a firefighter, paramedic, law enforcement officer or member of the military, you can be put in a traumatic situation at almost any time. Alcohol and drug use is common among uniformed service personnel looking for ways to cope with the stress of these responsibilities.

Rosecrance offers our unique Florian Program to help people in uniform achieve lasting recovery. The program is directed by Daniel DeGryse. He is an active-duty battalion chief/EMT with more than 27 years of experience at the Chicago Fire Department and 30 years of experience in the field of addiction and mental health. He developed the program in collaboration with Rosecrance’s Dr. Raymond Garcia, a board-certified psychiatrist and addictionologist who is trained and experienced in treating uniformed service personnel for co-occurring disorders. Click here to learn more about the program.

Caduceus Group at Rosecrance Des Plaines, Illinois

Our Caduceus group is a continuing care group for professionals such as physicians, nurses, airline professionals, attorneys, and clergy. Admission to the Caduceus group is contingent on the completion of a higher level of care. Click here to learn more about Rosecrance Des Plaines.

Opioid Specific Treatment Program

The Opioid Specific Program provides evidence-based programming to treat clients’ entire physical, mental, and spiritual health while helping to identify and cope with the real reasons behind opiate abuse. We realize that opiate addiction is not just a physical problem. Our trained staff work with this unique population to address the developmental, physical, mental health, and addictive issues of opioid-addicted persons. Education is provided on Medication Assisted Therapy and assessment of and treatment for chronic pain. Effective case management is provided to monitor and maintain ongoing support and aftercare services. Our Opioid Specific Program is located at our Harrison Campus.

Young Men’s Program

The Young Men’s Program provides supportive, evidence-based programming, as well as psychoeducational sessions, for young adults transitioning to adulthood. Emerging adults face many major life changes during this time of identity exploration, such as initiation of new roles, development of new social networks, increased independence, and decreased parental guidance. Our trained staff works with this unique population to provide individual, family, and group counseling. This program is located at our Harrison Campus.

Women’s Services Program

The Women’s Services Program addresses the specific concerns of women in treatment. The program uses evidence-based practices that have been shown to effectively treat substance use and mental health disorders in women. It provides a safe and nurturing environment by using psychoeducation, individual therapy, and sensory therapy for women in recovery. This program is located at our Harrison Campus.

OASIS Program

The OASIS unit is a 12-bed, co-ed, evidence-based treatment program that is designed to meet the unique needs of the older adult, which is rooted in a thorough understanding of the relationship between aging and substance abuse. The goal of the OASIS Program is to address the complex needs of these individuals in tandem with providing traditional 12-Step substance abuse recovery, emphasizing the need to explore a comprehensive treatment approach that is holistic, age-appropriate, and allows clients to find meaning and purpose at their unique stage in life. The programming for this unit was designed to adhere to clinical best practice and is largely facilitated through hands-on learning, therapeutic recreation, and cognitive-behavioral skills. This program is located at our Harrison Campus.

Launch to Life Program

The groundbreaking Launch to Life program at Rosecrance Lakeview provides enhanced recovery support and structure for our young adult residents while they develop life skills, work and/or attend college. Our clinicians work one-on-one with residents to provide structure, motivation, and accountability. Residents are also encouraged to volunteer for community service activities.

Project SAFE

Project SAFE is an intensive outpatient addiction treatment approach that is designed to remove many of the common barriers to treatment success for mothers with children. This program is located at our Ware Center.