Rosecrance Treatment in Central Illinois

The families of Central Illinois have been deeply affected by the national health crisis that has gripped the entire U.S. Fifty-eight people died of a drug overdose in 2017 in the immediate seven-county Illinois region of Champaign, Ford, Vermilion, Edgar, Douglas, Piatt, and DeWitt counties. Central Illinois is fortunate to have a high-quality resource to respond.

Rosecrance is dedicated to recovery in Central Illinois by providing evidence-based treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders. We help children, adults, and families through a variety of behavioral healthcare programs and addiction recovery services.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Central Illinois

Addressing an individual’s struggle with substance abuse means understanding all the factors involved and developing a comprehensive treatment plan. Rosecrance Central Illinois offers substance abuse rehab treatment centers for teens, adults and families in a friendly recovery environment. Our board-certified, licensed psychiatrists, counselors, and licensed social workers provide the highest quality of care and tools to help you live life well in recovery.

Our Central Illinois treatment centers offer:

    • Confidential free substance abuse assessments
    • Adult residential rehabilitation services
    • Adult substance abuse IOP (intensive outpatient treatment)
    • Adult COD/co-occurring disorders IOP
    • Teens substance abuse treatment services
    • Substance abuse continuing care recovery groups for Adults and Teens in Illinois

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Rosecrance on Moreland

Recovery has a new home base in Central Illinois. Rosecrance on Moreland is designed to help adults of all ages find hope and a path to lasting recovery.

Hope is a powerful word. It brings people into treatment and helps keep them there—even when it’s hard. At Rosecrance, we take great care in creating a hopeful, supportive environment that fosters healing. We offer a continuum of evidence-based treatment for substance use disorder:

  • Residential treatment
  • Recovery living apartments
  • Alumni support, including 12-Step meetings
  • Recovery community alternative activities
  • Outpatient counseling services
  • Community engagement opportunities

More about treatment at Moreland.

Rosecrance Moreland

Mental Health and Behavioral Health Crisis Treatment Services

Rosecrance also provides a variety of community-based mental health services for children, adolescents and adults in Central Illinois. Our crisis team is available 24/7/365 to provide a crisis assessment and linkage to the most appropriate level of care. This service is available to anyone in Champaign County who is required immediate treatment or is experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. The Rosecrance Central Illinois Crisis Team can be reached any time by contacting the Crisis Line at 217.359.4141. For those in need of a crisis assessment for anyone under 21 with Medicaid, please do call the CARES Line at 800.345.9049.

Screening, Assessment, and Support Services, also known as SASS, is a program for Illinois youth experiencing a psychiatric crisis. Services include crisis stabilization, support, and counseling. Rosecrance is now the provider in the Central Illinois region, providing services for youth throughout Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, and Vermilion counties. Services may also be provided at school, at home, or in your Central Illinois community.

Central Illinois Recovery locations

Rosecrance Moreland

Rosecrance on Moreland
Substance abuse treatment for Adults
Champaign, Illinois

Rosecrance Walnut Street

Rosecrance at Walnut Street
Addiction/Mental Health treatment for Adults
Champaign, IL

Rosecrance Danville

Rosecrance Danville
Addiction IOP for Teens & Adults
Danville, IL

Giving you a roadmap for lifelong recovery

A life in recovery is a journey full of gifts and opportunities, leading toward peace and contentment. At Rosecrance, we take a pragmatic, practical view of recovery. Addiction recovery is centered not around drugs or alcohol but on the healthy behaviors that replace them. For mental health disorders, we focus on building skills and confidence to help clients regain a sense of control. We understand that recovery doesn’t happen at a single moment in time; it’s a lifelong journey. Every aspect of treatment helps our clients and their families develop the tools they’ll use throughout the rest of their lives.

We feel it’s an absolute privilege to help you begin the first steps of your journey, offering tools to help you navigate the early transition into this rewarding life. 12-Step programming is foundational to our treatment services, giving you something to take with you after treatment for the best chance at recovery. Rosecrance is a private, not-for-profit organization with nearly four decades of experience helping people overcome addiction and mental health challenges by accelerating progress and creating a roadmap to success. Each year, we help more than 30,000 individuals and families toward their goal of recovery. The potential gifts provided in recovery are limitless, and at Rosecrance we can help you on your way.

Offering ongoing support throughout your recovery

Throughout your journey, you’ll experience our continuum of care – from residential to outpatient to transitional services and ongoing support in life after treatment with our network of dedicated alumni. At Rosecrance, we individualize both the treatment and the recovery plan – because no two pathways are the same.

Following a treatment program, our support network offers resources such as continuing outpatient treatment, recovery homes, and alumni communities. Our alumni program welcomes anyone who has completed treatment and includes activities, quarterly workshops, support groups, and community events. Anyone in recovery has access to 12-Step meetings and online resources. And if you’re concerned about your sobriety, we can provide support when you need it most.

Click here to learn more about the Rosecrance Alumni Program.

Supporting young adults in recovery with our Launch to Life® program

The Launch to Life program combines carefully designed, proven strategies and programming to help our clients transition successfully from adolescents to adulthood.

Often, young adults with a history of substance use have struggled with independence, which is why our program offers structured recovery living and 24/7 on-site support. For many of these men and women, addiction has derailed plans for college or work and delayed development of the life skills necessary for independent living. Launch to Life is specifically tailored to give young adults a clean slate and the tools necessary to live life well in recovery. We help clients realize their life’s purpose, learn the skills they need to live a successful life, and help them enjoy lifelong recovery.

The Launch to Life program is available at our Rosecrance Lakeview location. The beautiful, contemporary building in this vibrant neighborhood of Chicago includes six large, three-bedroom apartments, a counseling center and a rooftop patio. Most recovery services, therapy appointments, and job or career coaching sessions occur on-site and throughout Chicago.

Unique support for recovery

Decades of experience in addiction and mental health treatment tell us that long-term recovery is fostered by several key elements:

  • Personal assessment
  • Individualized recovery plan
  • Quality, evidence-based programs
  • Supportive living environment
  • Personal accountability
  • Guidance in goal setting
  • Engagement in a strong recovery community
Rosecrance recovery teens chatting

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