Rosecrance, Rockford Public Schools partner to provide resources, support for students

Rosecrance and Rockford Public Schools pleased to announce a partnership that provides additional support resources to students who may be experiencing socio-emotional or behavioral concerns.

Through this collaboration, which began in February, a team of behavioral health student assistance professionals (BH SAPs) has been embedded into RPS 205 schools. These caring staff members get to know students and provide assistance to individual students, groups, and families.

“The past couple years have been tough on our students, and we want to make sure that we can provide support for each of them,” said Amy Gannon, director of the RPS 205 Multi-Tiered System of Supports program. “Thanks to Rosecrance’s expertise, we’re able to add another layer of support to each building, ensuring that children and their families have help available when they need it.”

Students who may need extra support are identified by their teachers and referred to a team of individuals which includes the Rosecrance BH SAP, allowing them to quickly move to support the student, if needed.

“There are so many barriers to care that youth and their families face,” said Sadie Cobio, Director of Community Based Programs at Rosecrance. “By placing BH SAPs in each school, we’re making it much easier for students to seek and receive help. Plus, by developing relationships throughout the school, there are clear signs that this program also is decreasing stigma toward behavioral health.”

The 16 positions are being funded through grants received by each organization. Rosecrance is providing four as part of programming for a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) designation. Rockford Public Schools is funding the other 12 through the American Rescue Plan-Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief program.