On Your Radar podcast: Building A Healthier Society

“Let’s build a healthier society.” That might sound impossible at first, but only if you think of it as snapping your fingers and instantly changing everything wrong with the world.

Of course, that was never realistic, and certainly isn’t in a post-pandemic world. For a few years, we were increasingly isolated from one another, and have come out the other side as divided as ever. We also developed or furthered unhealthy coping mechanisms within ourselves.

And so, ourselves is where we need to start. The experts at Rosecrance recommend first focusing on improving our own behaviors (e.g., eating and sleeping well, plenty of self-care) and attitudes (like being positive, collaborative, motivated, and productive).

Self-improvement can then have positive ripple effects in more than one way. First, as we grow, it gives us better insight into how to help others, and second, it can have a role-modeling effect that motivates others around us, even when we’re not actively trying to exert influence. As we work on ourselves, we’re also really helping our families, friends, and communities.

While this may sound like an overwhelming amount of responsibility, remember to keep it both small and simple—one step, one day at a time. It can even be as simple as asking yourself, “What’s the next helpful or thoughtful thing I can do?”

For those struggling, sometimes a professional consultation can help find the right tools toward progress. Someone with anxiety might focus on things they can control vs. things they can’t. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be great for an analytical person. Therapeutic recreation can help build self-awareness and self-worth in those with less autonomy.

However it’s done, every drop of water fills the bucket. If you take even small steps to take care of yourself and then others, you will have a great effect not only on yourself, but on your family, friends, and community. In other words, on society.

If you or someone you know is interested in how to make the world a better place, check out episode 12 of the Rosecrance podcast “On Your Radar,” which discusses how building a healthier society starts with building our healthier selves.

Listen to “Building A Healthier Society” HERE.