‘On Your Radar,’ episode 7: Launch To Life

The path to lasting recovery takes continuous commitment. For some it can take years to find their footing and maintain recovery. So, what does it take for someone leaving treatment to stay on course, and carry on with the positive habits and tools learned in their program? How does someone achieve lasting recovery?

Experts would agree, the path to lasting sobriety requires commitment and action. Positive action, for many, requires learning, or relearning, habits that many of us take for granted. For example, how to maintain positive relationships? How much screen time is too much? How to manage personal finances? These are all functions we are not born with; they are learned. And for many people with substance use disorders, these are skills that have not been developed.

At Rosecrance’s recovery home in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, each resident works with a recovery coach to develop an individualized recovery plan and lives as part of a staff-supervised, supportive, structured recovery community. The unique Launch To Life program provides the opportunity for residents to put into action all the tools learned in treatment, with the recovery coach and peer supporters there to assist, teach, and champion every step of the way as they reintegrate back into their daily lives.  Also, residents can take advantage of the onsite continuing care programs and counseling center.

The path to lasting recovery takes time. The better practiced at facing everyday challenges, the better the chances for success in maintaining recovery and living the life of potential and fulfillment that each person deserves.

If you know a young adult or adult that is completing a recovery program, a great place point them to is Rosecrance’s podcast, “On Your Radar – Launch To Life.”

Download “On Your Radar, Launch To Life, HERE.