Getting unstuck: Therapy helping adults through stress, anxiety of interrupted life dreams

Whether it’s young adults finding the path to independence more difficult than expected, or older adults unexpectedly caring for younger generations longer, people of all ages are facing stressors of unexpected life realities.

For younger individuals, lingering pandemic concerns such as lack of employment during that time may hinder the expected launch into adulthood, and headlines stir anxiety about future hopes and dreams. That has meant adults are playing important supportive roles later in life.

As a result, Rosecrance outpatient therapists are helping more individuals navigate relationship challenges through marriage and family counseling. In addition, group sessions are becoming a valuable resource in which those who feel isolated find a community of support.

“Stress has always been there, but now there are so many heightened stressors,” said Rosecrance Regional Director of Behavioral Health Clinics Leah Scanlan, M.A., LCPC, in a recent episode of the “On Your Radar” podcast. While it looks different depending on age or life circumstances, clients often tell us they feel stuck. When they seek treatment, particularly group therapy, they find that they are not alone and get a flicker of hope that they can manage their situation effectively.”

Rosecrance therapists are available to work individuals through life circumstances that may be causing excess anxiety or stress this holiday season. Individualized treatment is available for short-term or long-term needs. If you or a loved one need help, please call the Rosecrance Access team at 888.928.5278.