Rosecrance takes a team approach to recovery from substance use and mental health disorders

When it comes to recovery, no two journeys are the same. At Rosecrance, our team approach is designed with this philosophy in mind. Our skilled, caring team of specialists designs a custom program tailored to your individual needs to help you gain critical self-awareness, replace addictive behaviors with new passions, and start to see meaningful progress.

Our clinicians are highly trained and professionally credentialed. Together, they work to design an environment that gives you the best chance at a meaningful recovery. The team working to help you achieve your potential may include the following:

  • Nurses
  • Counselors
  • Physicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Dieticians
  • Chaplains
  • Physical fitness instructors
  • Teachers
  • Social workers

Our goal is to make you comfortable and confident in your recovery journey. Rosecrance addiction counselors are specially licensed to treat substance use disorders with an evidence-based approach. Additionally, our chief medical officer, medical director and staff of professional nurses help our clients with any ongoing health concerns throughout the treatment stay.

Our team approach to recovery puts you at ease

Once you are admitted to Rosecrance, you will meet with the people who will help you along your path to recovery. As you move through your daily program schedule, our staff members are always by your side.

Your team will meet regularly to discuss your progress and treatment needs. As you progress, they will plan your discharge date and create a comprehensive, personal discharge plan. This plan always includes alumni support services, so you won’t have to make your transition to life beyond treatment alone.

Learn more about Rosecrance and our team approach to recovery by downloading our general fact sheet or calling (866) 330-8729.