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Detox, also known as detoxification and withdrawal management, involves safely managing the withdrawal symptoms that occur when a person stops using a substance. Benefits include reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms; preventing complications from withdrawal, such as seizures or death; improving a person’s physical and mental health; and making treatment more accessible.

How detox works

Detox is often a first step in treating substance use disorders that is supported by a next level of care, which could be residential treatment or outpatient treatment. It can be flexible and individualized to meet a client’s needs.

During detox, the body metabolizes drugs and alcohol in the system to clear their toxic influence. Rosecrance provides medically supervised detox that can:

  • Safely clear the body of an unwanted substance
  • Manage symptoms of acute withdrawal such as physical tremors, nausea, headaches, and vomiting
  • Motivate people to pursue ongoing substance use disorder treatment


At Rosecrance, our medical experts are trained in addiction and tailor withdrawal management for client’s unique needs. Detox is conducted in a safe and compassionate setting using the most comfortable methods available. The average length of stay is three to four days.

Individuals stay in a comfortable therapeutic environment that allows for medical monitoring as they are withdrawing/detoxing from the substance(s). Programming such as group therapy is provided for those who feel well enough to participate. Movement and engagement in treatment can help with withdrawal symptoms and the recovery process.

Once a client’s condition has stabilized, they transition seamlessly into the next step of their treatment, which in many cases is one of our residential treatment programs.

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