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Family Therapy


An intervention is a structured meeting between a person with a substance use disorder or other mental health condition, their loved ones, and a professional interventionist. The goal of an intervention is to persuade the person to seek help for their condition.

How interventions work

Addiction, in whatever form it takes, affects the family.

An intervention is a way for family and friends to gather and tell their loved one in a loving and caring way how their lives have been affected. An intervention can increase the effectiveness of a person’s treatment by:

  • Helping people see the impact their condition is having on themselves and their loved ones
  • Providing people with the support they need to make the decision to seek help
  • Helping people overcome any resistance they may have to getting help


Let us help you navigate the next steps to getting your loved one to accept the help that is needed.

The Rosecrance Intervention Team works with families and individuals of all ages, providing a unique and personalized approach with multiple perspectives to your loved one’s situation, whether they are a teen, young adult, spouse, sibling, parent, or first responder. We believe in the power of the family, love, respect, trust, and dignity.

This morning I felt like you grabbed me and said, ‘I got you,’ which truly meant the world to me. I don’t ever ask for help, let alone allow someone to help me, but something was different with you. Truly from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

- Adult man who reached out and received help through Rosecrance

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