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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples improve their relationships. Benefits include improved communication and conflict resolution skills, increased intimacy and connection, reduced stress and anxiety, and a stronger, more resilient relationship.

How couples therapy works

Couples therapy can be a valuable resource for any couple. It’s a sign of strength and commitment to your relationship, whether you’re experiencing challenges or seeking to improve your relationship long-term.

You may consider couples therapy if you’re experiencing:

  • Communication issues such as difficulties expressing what you want or need, understanding your partner, or resolving conflict in a helpful way.
  • Intimacy problems that could be physical or emotional, sexual difficulties, or infidelity.
  • Life transitions or life challenges such as parenthood, job changes, illnesses, loss of a loved one, financial stress, or family issues.
  • A desire to learn new skills, deepen connection, and maintain a strong relationship foundation.


Pursuing couples therapy can help couples identify and address underlying issues that are causing problems and can also help them develop new skills and strategies for communicating, resolving conflict, and building a stronger relationship.

Rosecrance offers a safe and confidential space where you and your partner can work together with a trained therapist to address issues and build a healthier, happier relationship.

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