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Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps families improve their communication, resolve conflict, and build stronger relationships. It is a confidential process that involves meeting with a Rosecrance counselor to discuss the family’s goals and challenges.

How family therapy works

Rosecrance incorporates evidence-based family therapy and support across our continuum of care, including residential treatment and outpatient treatment. As our clients begin their healing journeys from mental health and substance use disorders, family members are included along the way to:

  • Better understand family dynamics (including parenting styles for teens and young adults)
  • Receive motivation and support
  • Learn more about the mental health and substance use disorders their loved ones are navigating
  • Begin work on setting boundaries
  • Learn about relapse prevention


Benefits of family therapy include improved communication and conflict resolution skills, increased intimacy and connection, reduced stress and anxiety, improved mental health, and a stronger, more resilient family system.

Supporting someone else’s treatment experience is difficult to do alone and we are here to support you in figuring out how to restore healthy family relationships, how to set boundaries, and encourage caring for yourself.

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