Rosecrance Lakeview: The Early Recovery Journey Starts Here

Rosecrance Lakeview drug rehab in Chicago

In the early days of recovery, continued care and support are essential. Data overwhelmingly shows that the longer a person is in treatment and immersed in a positive environment, the better and more lasting the outcome. The Rosecrance Lakeview campus offers a structured and supportive sober living environment designed to help individuals ease the transition from treatment to everyday life.

Laying the Foundation for Lasting Recovery

As people move from treatment to recovery, additional support is often welcomed. The recovery home environment offers this extra care and assistance and provides a stepping stone for reintegration into daily life. Our caring, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff reinforce the tools learned during treatment helping residents apply them during this crucial transitional time. This continued support lays the foundation for lasting recovery and fosters a true sense of hope and healing.

Turning Hope Into Practice

At Rosecrance Lakeview, our team of recovery experts is standing ready to offer residents the continued support and care they need. We pair every resident with a designated recovery coach whose job centers on smoothing the transition from treatment to early recovery. This partnership not only helps residents apply the tools they learned in treatment but also aids in the learning or reinforcement of important life skills. Recovery coaches help residents develop an individualized recovery plan and embrace the skills necessary to live a healthy, balanced life.

These skills include (but are not limited to):

  • Creating a healthy routine
  • Practicing positive coping skills
  • Building a supportive community
  • Writing a resume/interview preparation/career coaching
  • Managing personal finances
  • Re-building and maintaining positive relationships, navigating new relationships
  • Nutrition and fitness

We turn hope into practice by offering this extra layer of accountability and continued support that paves the way for lasting sobriety. The recovery journey is an ongoing one but with action, continuous commitment, and professional assistance, we help set the stage for success.

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So Much More Than a Treatment Center

Rosecrance is renowned for its comprehensive, nationally accredited, evidence-based addiction and mental health treatment services. What sets Rosecrance Lakeview apart is that we offer more than what you expect in a traditional treatment center—all under one roof. The Lakeview campus provides both residents and the surrounding community a multitude of treatment and support options.

Our recovery residence, which caters to young adults and adults, offers the structure and accountability that is key during early recovery. We are a fully licensed facility with professional therapists and counselors on site. Our unique program begins with the development of an individualized recovery plan, followed by daily support from a specialized team. Drug testing, daily schedule and activity accountability, and 12-Step meetings add an additional layer of support.

Our outpatient counseling center offers services to the community with Lakeview residents having the option to take advantage of the many treatments and services on site. Examples of these treatment options include the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient substance abuse treatment (IOP), and aftercare for anyone post-treatment in both individual and group settings.

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Top-Notch Accommodations in the Perfect Location

Centrally located in the beautiful Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, the campus is close to employment opportunities, sports venues, shopping, public transportation, universities and other continuing education facilities, and a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Constructed in 2016, Rosecrance Lakeview looks and feels brand new. The resident portion includes six large, three-bedroom apartments and a lovely rooftop patio with stunning views. The onsite counseling center is conveniently located downstairs. The accommodations are state-of-the-art, the neighborhood is idyllic, and all the resources required for early recovery are easily accessible.

Is Rosecrance Lakeview Right for You or Someone You Love?

Rosecrance Lakeview is ideal for young adults and adults seeking a structured, sober environment to further their recovery. Perhaps this person is in early recovery and looking for additional support and services as they reintegrate into life post-treatment. Maybe someone is currently in treatment but unable to attend a more traditional 30-day residential program. Either way, Rosecrance Lakeview can offer help, hope, and a variety of continued treatment options.

Live Life Well in Recovery

At Rosecrance Lakeview, we understand that recovery is a continuous journey. We’re dedicated to helping individuals in early recovery build the lives they want to lead. Our goal is to equip every resident with the tools they need for lasting recovery and the knowledge that their best life is out there waiting for them.

If you or a loved one could benefit from all that Rosecrance Lakeview has to offer, we’re here to help you turn that hope into reality. Life’s waiting.

To learn more, please call (866) 330-8729.

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Joey O:

Joe was at Rosecrance Lakeview for just over a year. Pandemic-induced anxiety, legal issues, and lack of employment could have been a threat to his recovery, but he engaged with the Lakeview staff to find all the resources he needed. Joe shares that he learned to talk about his problems rather than hiding them, and in turn gained confidence in himself and his sobriety. He believes the best part of his experience was getting treatment and finding community, and being encouraged beyond working only on sobriety but his mental health, as well. He adds that he learned the importance of meetings and meeting attendance, as well as looking within and analyzing the roots of his issues that led him to abuse substances.

Colin Y:

Colin was only 18 years old when he entered the recovery home and outpatient treatment at Rosecrance Lakeview for five months, and struggled initially to find employment. The team at Lakeview developed a vocational group to help Colin and others struggling with their employment search. This program entailed clients waking up daily each morning at an assigned time to check in with staff, discuss daily intentions, plans, and schedules. Then the group met for a job searching boot camp in our community room. During the afternoon they attended therapy appointments, 12 step meetings, or other commitments. They would regroup with staff in the evening to check out and discuss highlights, successes, and challenges. This intensive approach helped many of the clients, including Colin, to secure employment within a few short weeks.

Dave M:

Leaving Rosecrance Lakeview with 10 months clean and sober, Dave has secured full time employment and moved into his own apartment. He continues to participate in our continuing care treatment program for ongoing support. Dave says he has learned to think, act, and work like a healthy person and is grateful for the peers he has met. “It makes it worth it, because being lonely is hard,” he says.

Liz M:

Liz lived at Rosecrance Lakeview for seven months. During this time, she was able to connect to a 12-Step program, gain sponsorship, and start concentrating on step work. She also found employment and was able to secure her own apartment. The Lakeview team worked intensely with Liz and her family members to provide education on boundary setting and codependency. She recently stopped in to say hello and reported that she is now 11 months clean and sober, found a new job, and has relocated to a new area. She’s particularly grateful for improved relationships with family, and the responsibility of caring for her new puppy.

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Joe S:

When Joe arrived at Rosecrance Lakeview, he worked quickly to immerse himself in his 12-Step program, build a sober network of support, and obtain full time employment. After a year at Lakeview, he discharged from the recovery home and secured his own apartment in the neighborhood. But he continues to participate in our continuing care treatment program and finds value meeting with his Lakeview counselor individually every other week to help navigate relationships in sobriety. Joe says he has gained honesty and accountability from his Rosecrance Lakeview experience, and the importance of asking for help. “This is a special place,” he says.