Your Choice gives “Wake Up Call” presentation to Rosecrance staff

Rosecrance staff teaching classYour Choice, a partner of Rosecrance, presented to Rosecrance staff February 28, 2019 at the Rosecrance Berry Campus. Your Choice is a nonprofit drug and alcohol awareness program, offering more than 200 community events annually. Their presentation “Wake Up Call” is one of four unique prevention presentations that they offer to communities throughout the Midwest. This life-sized exhibit features a staged teen bedroom with more than twenty “red flags” that can signal drug or alcohol use. The presentation provides awareness and prevention education to parents of teens.

Rosecrance staff teaching classRosecrance has partnered with Your Choice for over four years, collaborating on various prevention presentations, including “Stairway to Heroin,” an event that focuses on providing local facts of drug use and creating the opportunity for local experts to weigh in. During the recent presentation to Rosecrance staff, Your Choice founder Sandi Lybert recognized the importance of the partnership: “I believe in Rosecrance. I’ve worked with many families that have gone through your program. They’re still clean. I wish I had known about Rosecrance earlier.”

Your Choice is a nonprofit founded by the Lybert family – Sandi, Rick, Ashleigh and Tyler. The family originally started the organization to share their personal story of recovery. Sandi and Rick’s son Tyler started using drugs as a way to make friends and fit in. His drug use escalated from marijuana to pills and heroin. After Tyler entered treatment and got sober, the family started speaking about their experience. Click here to learn more about their story.