Six Weeks: Former substance abuse patient reflects on Rosecrance Healing Garden

Inspired by the writing of a former substance abuse patient, Rosecrance created a video showcasing the transformation of the Rosecrance Healing Garden at the Griffin Williamson Campus.

Each year, it takes about six weeks for the garden to transition from winter to spring – the same length of time as the average inpatient treatment stay for an adolescent.

This piece was written by an adolescent in treatment at Rosecrance in the spring of 2011 and narrated by a patient in the spring of 2012.

When I first got here, we were still in the final stages of winter
Everything was still kind of dead, and I was dead to myself
Then as spring began, and things started growing, I was growing in myself
I was learning what the root cause of my addiction was, and how to handle it
Meditating in the garden brings peace to my thoughts, and my heart

As the Healing Garden changes, people change, too.