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Help your community with one of the most relevant needs of our time: behavioral healthcare. Volunteering for Rosecrance creates opportunities to:

  • Decrease the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Increase awareness about Rosecrance services locally and throughout the Midwest.
  • Help raise charitable revenues to support Rosecrance’s mission and access to high-quality behavioral healthcare.
  • Contribute business and marketing acumen to ensure operations support the highest quality care.

Serve on a Rosecrance board

Rosecrance board members carry our mission across the communities we serve in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They do this through philanthropic support, and by promoting and advocating for Rosecrance behavioral health programs and services to help more children, teens, adults, and families.

Join the President's Leadership Council

The President’s Leadership Council (PLC) is a diverse community of young professionals ages 22 to 40 in Illinois committed to philanthropic efforts supporting Rosecrance’s mission to provide help, hope, and the best opportunity for lasting recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.

Join the Women and Children’s Auxiliary

The Women and Children’s Auxiliary is a group of women whose volunteer efforts support mothers and families who are taking the courageous steps to recover from substance use disorders at Rosecrance Jackson Centers in Sioux City, Iowa.

Become an ambassador

Be an ambassador for our cause by helping the Foundation connect with people, companies, and other organizations. Share the urgency of our behavioral health mission and resources available to our communities.

Interested in one or more of these opportunities?

Call 815-387-5609 or email us to learn more.

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