Trauma and Addiction: A Personal Account

Jennifer Gimenez

The effects of childhood trauma can sometimes be the silent catalyst that leads to addiction early in life. At Rosecrance, we know that untreated trauma can lead to a vicious cycle of sobriety and relapse. A holistic approach to treatment offers the best solution for identifying the traumas that lead to addiction through moments of realization. Often finding your “bottom” also means finding the courage to ask for help. The road to a healthy life can be strengthened through a continuum of care focused on self-discovery for families and those struggling with substance use disorder.

So, what steps can you take to stop the cycle of addiction, recovery and relapse? Join us as Rosecrance Regional President Carlene Cardosi, LCSW, CADC interviews former supermodel and actress Jennifer Gimenez about her own experience with trauma, addiction, and recovery. Learn how traumatic experiences in Jennifer’s childhood influenced her own addiction and path to recovery. Topics include but are not limited to:

• How trauma and addiction are often intertwined and can lead to vicious cycle of addiction and relapse.
• Trauma’s impact on the brain.
• The importance of defining moments.
• Finding the courage to ask for help.
• The value of the continuum of care.

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