TMS therapy featured on Dr. Oz

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), the first and only non-invasive treatment for depression approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was featured Wednesday, March 14, on the Dr. Oz program.

TMS is a non-medicinal treatment for major depressive disorder. It is managed by board-certified physicians and features no systemic side effects, such as weight gain or sexual problems. TMS was approved for use by the FDA in Oct. 2008.

“TMS is an exciting addition to Rosecrance’s armamentarium in our battle against depression,” said Dr. Raymond Garcia, M.D., medical director at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus.

The Dr. Oz episode is titled “5 Controversial Solutions to Your Biggest Complaints.” Click here to watch the episode.

From the show’s description:

Dr. Oz has the newest revolutionary therapies for pain, depression and weight loss. The controversial cure for back pain, the controversial weight loss shot – what works? Is your pain all in your head? Or are you missing the warning signs of fibromyalgia? Surprising solutions you haven’t heard!

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