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Community-based treatment

Intensive Community-Based Services

Community-based treatment is mental health and substance use services that are provided in a person’s own community, including their own homes and apartments, as well as supervised housing. This can include services such as individual and group therapy, medication management, and case management.

How intensive community-based services work

Rosecrance’s intensive community-based treatment services allow individuals to remain in their communities or even their own homes, which can be less disruptive, more comfortable, and more accessible.

Through Rosecrance’s community-based services, clients receive personalized care and treatment to navigate daily life and develop basic skills that enable them to function in society. This type of treatment can help clients maintain their supportive relationships with family and friends, school, and work and allow for more flexibility in scheduling.

At Rosecrance, these services include the following programs:

  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT): Assertive Community Treatment is a year-round, intensive program where adults work with a team of professionals to adapt to community life.
  • Community Support Team (CST): This community-based team helps youth and adults with focused skills training and support, including assistance with everyday skills such as getting groceries, managing money, and connecting with community resources to improve independence. Individuals set and meet goals to transition to less-intensive treatment.

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