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Community-Based Services in Local Schools

Rosecrance staff are embedded at schools across the communities we serve to provide individual and group support for students experiencing both mental health and substance use challenges.

How community-based services in local schools work

The partnerships between Rosecrance and local schools provide additional support resources to students who may be experiencing socio-emotional or behavioral concerns.

Through these collaborations, teams of behavioral health student assistance professionals are embedded into the schools. These caring staff members get to know students and help individual students, groups, and families.

Students who may need extra support are identified by their teachers and referred to a team of individuals that includes the Rosecrance staff, allowing them to quickly move to support the student, if needed. Having Rosecrance staff on-site at the schools helps reduce barriers to care and makes it easier for students to seek and receive help, decreasing stigma toward behavioral health.

These positions are often funded by a variety of grants, including the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) designation and the American Rescue Plan-Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief program that are obtained by both Rosecrance and the school partners.

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