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Community-Based Services for Criminal Justice

Rosecrance provides community-based outpatient services in partnership with local jails, juvenile justice programs, and probation departments for teens and adults with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

How community-based services for criminal justice work

Much like our court services, our community-based criminal justice outpatient services link adolescents and adults with much-needed case management and support centered on addiction education, relapse triggers and prevention, healthy living, and how substance use and mental health disorders overlap.

Rosecrance clinicians partner with and provide services where clients are in the community such as jails, juvenile detention centers, and probation departments. These teams include case managers who help individuals and their families find necessary wraparound services, from primary care physicians to social support such as domestic violence prevention.

Our treatment team provides assessments, leads group therapy, and connects clients with our Rosecrance continuum of care, including residential treatment and outpatient treatment. They create tailored treatment plans for individuals to follow once they are released from jail or prison to support continued recovery.

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