Rosecrance takes recovery to Twitter with ’12 Tweets’

Each day, Twitter users who follow Rosecrance 12 Tweets will receive a short message inspired by one of the 12 Steps of recovery. The Tweets are written by Rosecrance Church Relations Coordinator Rev. Dr. William Lenters, Alumni Coordinator Melissa Garrison, Clergy Community Relations Coordinator Rev. James E. Swarthout and other Rosecrance employees.

Signing up for Rosecrance 12 Tweets is easy. If you don’t have a Twitter account, go to and sign up for one. (It’s free.) If you do have a Twitter account, go to Rosecrance 12 Tweets and click on the “follow” icon.

Now, each day in your Twitter feed, you’ll receive a quick take on one of the 12  Steps. If you like what you read and think our Tweets might inspire others, we  encourage you to retweet them from your own account.

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