Rosecrance secures key industry certification with Google

Rosecrance was recently approved for the LegitScript certification, a comprehensive certificate process for addiction treatment providers to achieve eligibility to advertise on Google and other intermediaries such as Facebook.

Last year, Google banned all advertising and marketing efforts from addiction treatment providers on its site after discovering the alarming number of providers who were taking advantage of clients’ recovery. The result was the rigorous LegitScript certification process, which now serves as a needed reform to rebuild the ethics of online advertising and reduce deceptive marketing practices.

The certification vets out providers who do not have the necessary credentials or qualifications and allows for only the most legitimate, transparent, trustworthy and law-abiding organizations to feature their advertisements. Rosecrance has been accredited by the Joint Commission for nearly 35 years.

According to the LegitScript website, the overall aim with this reform is to ensure that the internet is a place for people to find truth and accuracy—virtues that are of the utmost importance when selecting a facility to heal, recover and get well.

“Choosing a substance use disorder treatment provider is a life-changing and, in many cases, life-saving decision; the certification provides consumers with the assurance that the program they choose is a quality one,” says Rosecrance Health Network President and Chief Executive Officer, Philip Eaton.

He adds, “At Rosecrance, our priority is to deliver compassionate, experienced and evidence-based treatment and provide the best possible care for our clients. We are grateful for this reform and proud to be among the pioneer providers to receive this certification.”

Getting approved for the LegitScript certification is a thorough, rigorous and extensive process that includes checking the providers’ background, qualifications, privacy practices and compliance. Following the certification, LegitScript continues to monitor providers to ensure that best practices maintain in place.

“Our staff spent a great deal of time securing this certification, but it was well worth it,” says Rosecrance Vice President and General Counsel, Kelly J. Epperson. “For more than a century, Rosecrance has provided quality services and treatment to some of the most vulnerable among us. From direct client care to our marketing practices, we consider ethics in everything we do. This certification further demonstrates our commitment to serve our clients and prioritize their recovery first and foremost.”

Being able to advertise on Google will allow ultimately allow Rosecrance to connect with a wider audience and therefore reach more individuals and families who may be in need of help.

“The LegitScript certification is enabling more lives to be changed and saved at the hands of credible, caring organizations,” says Epperson.