Rosecrance recognizes Alcohol Awareness Month in April

Though the opioid epidemic frequently is in the news, alcohol use continues to be a concern as one of the leading causes of preventable death in the U.S. The past two years brought renewed attention to misuse as sales and consumption increased.

That is why Rosecrance recognizes Alcohol Awareness Month each April and encourages supporters to join us in the education about alcohol use disorder.

Nationally, nearly 86 percent of people over the age of 18 have consumed alcohol in their lives, and over a quarter of adults have reported binge drinking. Among teens, alcohol use has declined over the past decade, but use has leveled in the last several years.

“It’s easy to underestimate the danger of one drink becoming one too many, especially when someone is trying to cope with stress, isolation, or grief in their lives,” said Rosecrance Regional President Carlene Cardosi. “The past several years have made us much more aware of the harmful consequences that can occur when someone turns to this unhealthy coping mechanism. April is an excellent opportunity to educate and reduce stigma of alcohol use disorder.”

Alcohol use was the most-common disorder treated by Rosecrance clinicians last year, accounting for one-fifth of all behavioral health diagnoses. As leaders in recovery, caring staff championed hope through a robust continuum of evidence-based care focused on the individual’s goals and needs. Residential, crisis, and intensive outpatient (IOP) settings provided higher levels of support, while outpatient counseling, group therapy, 12-Step meetings, and Alumni gatherings assisted those who sought ongoing encouragement.

In addition, Rosecrance’s prevention teams were active in schools and communities offering education to all ages and early intervention to youth at risk of developing substance use disorders.

Throughout April, Rosecrance will host awareness walks, poster contests, and other activities at treatment facilities. Please join us in the spirit of Alcohol Awareness Month by learning more about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and having conversations with adolescents in your life. You might even consider tracking how much you drink, why you drink, or perhaps abstaining from consumption for a period of time to focus on wellness.

If you or a loved one think you might need help, please reach out to Rosecrance’s caring Access counselors at 866-330-8729.