Rosecrance names additional alumni coordinator position

Rosecrance is pleased to announce Colleen Fry has been named Alumni Coordinator.

With nearly 1,000 employees, Rosecrance serves more than 30,000 individuals and families annually throughout 50+ locations in the Midwest, and the organization continues to seek new opportunities for expansion.

The creation of this second Alumni Coordinator position is a response to the expansions taking place at Rosecrance and a careful acknowledgment of future growth and opportunities, too, explains Fr. Jim Swarthout, Rosecrance Director of Clergy and Alumni Services.

“Alumni Services are so important because our clients want to remain connected to where they got better,” says Paul Gilmet, Rosecrance Alumni Coordinator. “Engaged alumni spread the message of recovery and are oftentimes the best spokespeople we have for the tremendous work our counselors and staff perform.”

At Rosecrance, Fry will be responsible for establishing relationships with clients and families during treatment and in their recovery. Once clients leave treatment, Colleen works to ensure they stay connected to Rosecrance through recovery support groups, newsletters, workshops, reunions, and other alumni-related events.

Fry has a background as a certified peer recovery coach and mentor for those in early recovery. Additionally, she has worked with the Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative (MARI).

“Colleen is a wonderful addition to the Rosecrance Alumni Relations Team. She has a tremendous knowledge of our services and is passionate about seeing our alumni thrive once they leave treatment,” says Gilmet.