Rosecrance Named Among “Healthiest Companies in America” in 2019

Rosecrance is proud to announce its recognition as one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” by Interactive Health, a national provider known for its preventive health programs that encourage employees to adopt new health habits.

Rosecrance is one of 151 companies across the country recognized this year for empowering employees to make significant and sometimes life-saving changes to improve their health. This is the seventh consecutive year Rosecrance has won the award.

With the help of effective preventive health initiatives, Interactive Health’s “Healthiest Companies in America” recipients have reached or exceeded an exemplary 70 percent participation rate in their organization’s wellness program, and their workforce’s overall health risk was low, based on the results of an annual health evaluation that involves a blood draw, lab tests and a detailed questionnaire.

“At Rosecrance, we take pride in creating an atmosphere centered on hope, healing and happiness not only for clients, but our employees too,” says Rosecrance President/CEO Philip Eaton.

Rosecrance employees are truly able to build and maintain a rewarding career and lifestyle. In fact, according to a recent survey the satisfaction rate among a workforce of approximately 1,300 is 92 percent.

Eaton adds, “Health is the most integral part of our mission and culture, and this award affirms that it’s at the heart of everything we do.”

“In an era of record-low unemployment, employers must figure out a way to differentiate themselves and show that they care,” said Interactive Health CEO Bill Goldberg. “Investing in the health of your employees not only achieves that; but has far-reaching implications across the organization. A healthier workforce is one that is happier, more engaged and more productive.”

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