Rosecrance hosts Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church

Rosecrance recently hosted the Cabinet members of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson campus for their quarterly meeting.

The Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church includes more than 370 churches and new faith communities spanning the upper one-third of the state of Illinois. They have been a long time partner of Rosecrance for more than 100 years; James and Fanny Rosecrance whose bequest gift led to the founding of Rosecrance were members of the Methodist Church in New Milford, IL.  The Conference cabinet includes new Rockford District Superintendent Fabiola Grandon-Mayor, who is also a new member of the Rosecrance, Inc. Board.

Over a day-long meeting, lunch and tour of the facility and healing garden, Rosecrance leaders and cabinet members discussed ways in which their partnership can benefit each other and most importantly the community at large. They delved into topics of faith, stigma around behavioral health, intervention tactics and more.

Episcopal leader, Bishop Sally Dyck, said “It’s so incredible to be here and see how Rosecrance is transforming lives and lifting people out of a place of despair. The work Rosecrance does and the work United Methodist Church does is all about bringing people to a place of hope.”

Rosecrance Director of Clergy and Alumni Services, Fr. Jim Swarthout, adds, “Our mission is about restoring hope and joy. I often tell people you have the right to have faith and you have the right to have joy…. It’s our job to help them get there.”

Rosecrance CEO Phil Eaton expressed gratitude for the faithful and generous support received from churches and individual church members across the Conference. He credited the Church’s steadfast support for sustaining Rosecrance and nurturing and encouraging its mission.