Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus launches Assessment Unit

Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus buildingA new unit has opened at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus that gives staff more time to develop personalized treatment plans for clients during the first few days of residential treatment.

All adolescents admitted to Rosecrance Griffin Williamson now spend their first five days on the Assessment Unit, where they receive evaluations that give a deeper understanding of needs and strengths. This transition also eases clients into the environment while they work on emotional regulation, communication, and problem-solving skills that will help them fully engage Rosecrance’s evidence-based treatment. The knowledge also improves recommendations for care after residential care is completed.

“The earlier we develop relationships with our clients and get to know the obstacles they may face, the sooner we can adapt treatment to their needs,” said Rosecrance Griffin Campus Williamson Administrator Denita Lynde. “This information and trust is invaluable to helping clients take a big first step toward a new direction and brighter future.”

These additional assessments will provide additional insights on a wide range of potential concerns, including anxiety, disordered eating patterns and body image concerns, emotional regulation, family relationships, personalities, trauma, and substance use.

Though on the entry unit for the first few days, clients are immersed in treatment that is adjusted as guided by evaluations. Clients are introduced to experiential therapy groups, counseling sessions, and life-skills development. Once through the first phase, clients move onto the appropriate unit for the remainder of their stay.