Rosecrance teen featured in Chicago Tribune inhalant story

Sunday’s edition of the Chicago Tribune featured a teen at Rosecrance in a story about the dangers of using computer dust cleaners as inhalants.

“I have some brain damage from it,” said the girl, 17, now living in a recovery home at Rockford’s Rosecrance drug treatment center. “My memory is very skewed. I really have to think a lot more. I’m a bright kid. I know that. I get good grades and work really hard, but I can tell the difference.”

The main focus of the story is the case of Carly Rousso, an 18-year-old woman from Highland Park who was charged with being under the influence of “an intoxicating compound” last week when she allegedly drove her car onto a sidewalk and fatally hit a 5-year-old. Police are investigating whether the substance was the same sort of inhalant other teens — including the 17-year-old at Rosecrance — have used to get high.

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