Rosecrance experts present ‘Growing like a Weed’ webinar for Institute for the Advancement of Behavioral Health

Christopher Gleason, MA, CAADC, MAATP

Chris Gleason, Executive Director at Rosecrance Central Illinois, and Steve Smith, Administrator of Child and Adolescent Services, will present the webinar ‘Growing Like a Weed: Cannabis Impacts on Adolescent Behavioral Health’ at the Institute for the Advancement of Behavioral Health on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

Gleason has worked in the behavioral health field for more than 25 years and Smith for more than 15 years. They bear witness to the nation’s changing attitudes towards substances and as a result the changing landscape of substance abuse treatment.

According to Gleason and Smith, “The rising tide of legalization of marijuana has led to the development of a perspective that it cannot cause any harm. While marijuana may not be the most addictive substance when compared to others, it can still lead to problematic behaviors, including an unhealthy method of coping with emerging mood disorders.”

Steven W. Smith, MC, LCPC, CRADC

This webinar will provide attendees a general overview of how marijuana can affect adolescent functioning from a social, emotional and physical perspective.  The presenters will provide additional information regarding helpful intervention techniques for providers who are working on confronting this issue in adolescent patients. Treatment options will be discussed, as will the importance of taking a strengths-based approach towards confronting this issue.

Attendees will also earn 1 continuing education credit by attending the LIVE broadcast. To register for this free, one-hour webinar please visit: