Rosecrance expert encourages continued conversations on mental illness to reduce stigma

With reports of poor mental health on the rise, public influencers are talking more openly about their journeys with mental illness, and advertising campaigns bring conversations to the forefront. Still, stigma prevents many who need help from talking about their illness or seeking treatment.

Rosecrance Chief of Clinical Excellence Tom Wright, M.D. points to several factors that sustain stigma. He finds that media portrayals of individuals who commit violent crimes, lingering cultural attitudes equating mental illness with weakness, and marginalization of certain groups keep in place barriers to conversations and care.

In a recent episode of the “On Your Radar” podcast, Wright notes that it will continue to take a societal effort to normalize conversations about mental health and mental illness.

“It’s incumbent upon all of us to lead a change,” he said. “We all have our own opportunity to make a difference in our own way. The more we talk about it, the less potent of an issue it becomes. We’ve made strides, but there is a long way to go.”

Rosecrance experts are available to discuss the complexities of mental health symptoms and disorders, and how to get a loved one into treatment. If you or a loved one need help, please call the Rosecrance Access team at 888.928.5278.