Rosecrance expands services for veterans, Tricare members, and families

Rosecrance is pleased to announce that veterans, Tricare members and their families can seek care through their federally-funded healthcare plans.

Rosecrance’s Illinois locations recently received certification through the military’s Tricare health insurance to provide treatment for active duty military personnel and their families. As a result, active duty service members and their family members may seek help at any Rosecrance site throughout the state. The certification process is currently underway to bring Rosecrance’s Iowa locations into the Tricare coverage.

With this expansion, Rosecrance’s programs are available to all current and former military service members, as Rosecrance became part of the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network (VA-CCN) last year. Through the VA-CCN, veterans who meet certain criteria may ask to be treated at a Rosecrance facility. This enables many veterans to receive faster, easier access to care through VA-approved providers.

“It is an honor to serve those who served, as well as their families,” said Vice President of Payer Relations Lisa Primm. “We know that families sometimes need help adjusting to life when one of the adult caregivers is in the services, and we now can provide life-giving assistance to the entire family unit.”