Rosecrance Chief Medical Officer featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

Photo of Thomas WrightAn estimated one in five U.S. adults experience some form of mental illness in a given year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and many people don’t get treatment. Health systems, companies, schools and others are launching new ways of delivering and organizing behavioral health services—which can include treatment for depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other addictions—in hopes of preventing a crisis.

Crain’s Chicago Business checked with three Chicago-area experts on the forefront of behavioral health treatment, including Rosecrance Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas Wright. With more than 20 years’ experience in the field, Wright discussed the ways in which Rosecrance is improving access to services and meeting the surging demand.

Wright was asked a variety of questions for the roundtable discussion; the first being: What are the most pressing behavioral health issues you’re seeing?

“Teens with serious mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and depression are growing at alarming rates,” replied Wright. “We witness families, time and time again, who have not had success with their adolescent’s treatment plan or medication. These families are often dejected and left with little to no hope. One of the most challenging, but meaningful, issues when dealing with behavioral health is not letting individuals and families slip through the cracks.”

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