Rosecrance celebrates National Recovery Month

Each September, Rosecrance takes time to celebrate recovery and the dedication of everyone who makes recovery possible. Activities are planned at sites that will encourage staff, clients, and alumni to reflect on the joy of the journey.

Though Recovery Month is meaningful to those in the recovery community, September is a reminder to celebrate the hope available for every person, family, and community. We invite the community to join us in commemorating this special month by taking time to celebrate something. You can gather with family or friends and be proud of how far you have made it. We also encourage you to connect with someone you may not have seen in a while. Take time to really listen to what they are saying, and offer your support.

If you or a loved one are struggling, please reach out for help. Don’t wait. Find a trusted friend, family member, professional, or religious leader who can offer a caring shoulder. Rosecrance staff would love to talk with you. They can be reached at (888)-928-5278.