Rosecrance announces a change in leadership at Lakeview Recovery Home and Facility

Rosecrance recently appointed Elizabeth Ellison as the new Director at the Lakeview Recovery Home and Facility in Chicago, IL.

Having prior experience working with emerging adults at a residential treatment center, Ellison has now been with Rosecrance for six years. She has been involved within the court systems, served as a primary outpatient counselor in both Rockford and within the Chicago suburbs, and for the past two years Ellison has served as the Clinical Coordinator of Rosecrance Lakeview and the surrounding outpatient locations.

“Elizabeth is a strong, competent and trusted leader who will serve Rosecrance well by overseeing the operations of Rosecrance Lakeview and the related outpatient activities,” says Rosecrance, Inc. President Dave Gomel.

He adds, “Rosecrance Lakeview provides treatment services to hundreds of young adults annually. We are confident that Elizabeth will lead many more people toward a life of recovery.”

Elizabeth looks forward to this opportunity of exciting change, new responsibility and continuing to model the Rosecrance mission of providing help, hope and lasting recovery.