Rosecrance adds new resources for alumni

Recovery is a lifelong journey, which is why Rosecrance is here to provide support and community to alumni every day, every step of the way. With its intentional, innovative alumni program, Rosecrance is able to acknowledge the needs of its clients from the moment they walk in the door until long after they leave, and then offer an environment for alumni to grow together in recovery.

Over the last year and a half, the Alumni Program at Rosecrance has grown immensely and continues to do so. An alumni room at the Rosecrance Harrison campus was completed in December and opened as an available resource in January. Rosecrance uses the space as a positive environment for clients and alumni to gain access to a variety of free resources, including 12-Step meetings, yoga classes, art and spirituality groups, and family and support programs. Alumni are also able to come in during scheduled times and use the computers to work on a resume, search for jobs, research housing opportunities and other things to strengthen their recovery.

Additionally, Rosecrance rolled out a Rosecrance app for clients at the end of 2018. The app is an invite/approved-only, secure group for Rosecrance clients and alumni to share updates, ask questions and remain connected to resources and others in recovery. Approximately 200 alumni have already joined the app, which is currently only available to alumni who have received services at the Lakeview or Harrison campuses.

“Our goal is to be as connected with our alumni as possible and these new resources are really big support pieces,” explains Colleen Fry, Rosecrance Alumni Coordinator. “They allow us an opportunity to provide support, community and resources, and remain in our client’s lives through their continued recovery.”

That’s what the Rosecrance alumni program is all about— transitioning clients from treatment to the rest of their lives and supporting them on their recovery journey from start to finish.