Parents’ Guide Helps Teens Become Open to Treatment

Parents know talking with teenage children isn’t always easy. Many teens like to keep to themselves and resent even very well-meaning parental involvement.

So talking about drugs and alcohol can be a huge challenge. And the challenge only grows if the conversation is about getting treatment for substance abuse. When you ask (or tell) your teen to get help and he or she refuses, denies, or is defiant, what’s next?

To help you learn about tested, effective ways to talk about treatment with your teen, Rosecrance has produced a parents’ guidebook called, Getting Past “No!” Subtitled “Overcoming Resistance to Treatment in Teens,” the guidebook was developed using expert sources and with the help of teenagers in treatment at Rosecrance. It provides thoughtful, effective strategies parents can use with their kids. It also explains common mistakes parents make, many of which can easily be avoided.

You can download the free guide by clicking here.

Rosecrance has also created a video to help guide you through the dilemma of a loved one being resistant to treatment.

It’s normal for teens to resist entering treatment, but it’s important to follow through. Contact Rosecrance and we’ll help you get the process started. To talk with a Rosecrance staff member, call (866) 330-8729.