Register Star reports on Rosecrance move to North Main

Last week an editorial on the benefits for the new facility at North Main in Rockford will benefit everyone from clients and staff. The move will be from the Ware Center in downtown Rockford, to a larger building on North Main.

ROCKFORD — The new facility will give Rosecrance more space — 42,000 square feet versus 25,000 — and plenty of parking for clients and staff.

A larger facility is important because more people may take advantage of the services Rosecrance provides because the Affordable Care Act covers mental health services. People who couldn’t pay for those services yet needed them may now seek the help they need.

Rosecrance has been a good neighbor at its other locations. Its properties are well-maintained and have a campus-like feel designed to put clients and their families at ease.

We feel a bit of nostalgia for the Ware Center, formerly known as Janet Wattles Center, which has been a home for mental health services for more than 30 years. We felt it was an ideal location because people with mental illness and their loved ones were familiar with the Ware Center and knew it was the place to go.

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